Just a masterful expression of RPG design. To date this is my favorite SMT game.

What Digital Eclipse began with Atari 50 and continued into the Gold Master series is one of the most positive impacts on games history in a long time. This is how you create an interactive museum of information and context. The Making of Karateka solidifies a template that promises boundless potential for what it means to be "the Criterion Collection of video games". It's also just an absolute masterwork in and of itself, and I'm immensely grateful that Jordan Mechner has kept so much of these materials over the years. Prior to this release, my only experience with Karateka was goofing around with the C64 port in an emulator and thinking "this seems ambitious". But there is SO MUCH here, and it's deepened both my interest and understanding in Karateka, Mechner, and an entire movement of 80s PC game design that I've largely only explored the surface of.

Beautiful little puzzle game, love playing it with my kids. Excellent ray tracing demo as well.

Definitely unpolished and the budget shows, but that kind of just adds to the charm. It's a really great evolution of the Road Rash formula with a lot of cool ideas that are implemented in interesting (or sometimes awkward) ways. I finished my first clear run today and I know I'm just gonna keep playing it for a long while. It feels good, even when it's breaking.

I dunno, man. It's got some cool ideas. I like the idea of a squad based character action game. But there are just a few too many elements that build frustration to the point that I was pretty well done with it a few chapters before it was over. Don't put specific weak points on enemies in a game where I can't control where my attacks are landing imo.

Wonderfully beautiful spiritual successor to Echo Night, one of my all time favorite games. Déraciné exists primarily in frozen snapshots of time, where even the river is eerily still. It feels just like an early CD-ROM game like Myst, but as haunted as Saturn games like Lunacy or Enemy Zero, the way you teleport from point to point like moving screen by screen in those games. There is something, however, about exploring a haunting old building in the woods as the only inhabitant, that also reminded me a lot of Gone Home's very specific mood.

Look, as much as I love janky character action games, this one just ain't gettin it done. It does, however, make me long for that era after Saving Private Ryan where we just had a ton of media about killing Nazis. Bring that back.

Still an all-time top 5 multiplayer shooter. Glad people are still playing it.

Very good but boy howdy these games are getting Too Long

Plays better than the first game, but not as charmingly weird and rotten as the first game.

There are some interesting changes and quality-of-life tweaks here, but ultimately this is just the least-necessary remake of all time, and I don't think it measures up to the original when taken as a whole product.