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depending on how you use ultrahand, this is either Raytheon Weapon Development Simulator 2023 or Jelly Car 2, no in-between.

When they brought GBA stuff to the Switch I decided to go into this for a nostalgia trip, and guess what: it’s good shit still! Some of the micro games can still be a little hard for me to figure out, but I love the vibes of this game a whole lot. I think part of the fun is seeing what goofy nonsense the game will throw at you next, and while I remember a lot of the microgames, some of them really took me by surprise. The music and the little storylines are also a delight, and I appreciated the inclusion of some classic minigames like the Mario Paint fly swatting minigame.
Speaking of side content, I filled out all the grids and was kind of surprised that specifically didn’t unlock anything, but that’s alright, I think, I still had fun. I’m sure there’s some further level of mastery I can aim for but eh, maybe some other time.
I suppose there’s something to be said about this kind of changing the trajectory of Wario’s game series, but i’ll admit to being a heathen and liking the Wariowares more than the platformers… I wouldn’t be averse to seeing the Warioware cast in a different kind of game or seeing the Wario Land characters folded into the Warioware games, though. That might be kinda fun! I wonder if they’ll bring Twisted! to GBA online? The cutscene art in this one seemed a little janky so I’d lok. to revisit that and see how it evolves, although that could just be that it looks weird at a higher resolution than the GBA…

This shit makes bioshock infinite look like bioshock. Absolutely soul sucking.

another day volunteering at the russian-government funded bioshock museum. everyone keeps asking me if they can fuck the fridge. buddy, they wont even let me fuck it

Looking up what happened to this game after you found it interesting back in 2015 is like asking someone why a restaurant you enjoyed closed down and the said person telling you that restaurant was actually a front for the mafia

I, EvaX, humbly submit a toast to Nicholas Alexander for successfully managing to pirate Warcraft III, so that he may play Defense of The Ancients. Congratulations, Nick. Enjoy your DOTA. (Pffzt) Ahhhh.

Subsonic steps bound off of idyllic tiles, a steadfast one-two sprint. Clasped tightly in his hand, divine intervention is executed by the thunderclap of .500 magnum, a heavenly send-off alternating between the gentle coaxing of automatic fire and the definitive blade of retribution. Closing in, denizens of hell launch bioluminescent bombardments, lethal brimstone sending you down a path 10,000 feet under. As if born to die, the demons are dispatched as quickly as they rise, beings materialized, analyzed, and pulverized within nanoseconds. Speed and focus become one, repetitions on idealized concepts pointing towards sublimity. Your holy arms holstered, your sanctified sword sheathed, you cast your sight upon diamond excellence, an eternity encapsulated in the blink of an eye. Now, beyond the safety of three-round bursts and lead ripostes, you see her.
Her heliotrope hues leave psychoactive cigarette burns; if true angels drive one to madness, her presence in Heaven is well established. Like sewing needles piercing taut eardrums, her voice spikes out, an aural trepanation. More lethal than chambered rounds and heavy ordinance, she implants in your brain the same innate fear that courses through you as you enter convention halls, the same fight-or-flight micropanic as the first step within a college’s Japanese Culture Club, for she is the eidolon of modern otakudom. When you breach the seal on Neon White’s world, what resides underneath isn’t the long-forgotten Y2K Japanimation mecca, but a puréed distillation of the wretched refuse of anime fandom, the Anitwitter and r/animemes congregation speaking in post-post-ironic references, where every man is either a razor-edged twink or a hulking himbo, and every woman either an e-girl yandere or a wannabe mommy-dom that covets humanized mediocrity. Buried under the pretense of being “by freaks, for freaks”, the reality of Neon White puts you in the nightmarish scenario of living through the dreams of the most typical of indie weeb softboys.
Such is the loop of Neon White: for every moment of precise platforming bliss, an hour of Young Thotticus making your amygdala fire on all cylinders, a century of watching history’s straightest couple verbally hate-fuck, an eon of remembering Tumblr-Sexy-Man-ified Junkrat saying “you were my Sasuke!”, an eternity of knowing that the core message of the game is that you have a moral imperative to forgive those who abused you in life, lest you literally go to Hell. Both sides of the equation, fraught and unstable, struggle to maintain a semblance of balance.
When Ben Esposito, Enemy of the People, claimed this project as a game “for freaks”, it masks the reality of what Neon White stands for. Decked in the style of the forums of yesteryear, Online Signature UI and Neocities buttons intact, with a heart beating to the 200bpm pulse of breakcore, the aestheticism of pre-Web 2.0 culture is broken by the asphyxiating smog of The Modern Anime Fan. Sincerity and passion die at the cross of venomous disingenuity, nailed down by ironic detachment and love in the key of “Waifu of the Month”. The work of Angel Matrix, the latest in rebrands of Esposito's predictable shtick, axes even the most optimistic of readings: Neon White is the new face of pretension, wearing the oh-so-relatable mask of an adored time for the sake of drawing attention, not out of love, nostalgia, or passion. Soullessness masquerading as soulful.
and someone please tell the writers that run-on sentences don’t read as like, relatable or quirky. It just looks bad. It’s like, your job to Make Text Read Good. come on.

If you explained homosexuality to Jabroni he would stare into the sunset and go "Ok..."

fuck this shit, im yiikin off!!!!