Kuru Kuru Kururin made me stop hoping for a better world.

Simple, yet incredibly charming and addicting collection of micro games accompanied by great music and wondrous originality!

I think my computer's about to explode!

Anything you do leads somewhere and that somewhere is always hilarious, brilliant and memorable.
I'm so happy I played this completely blind.


The atmosphere and visuals are brilliant, emulating PlayStation 1 graphics and using 2D images as illusory 3D environments. The tone is probably Duvet's biggest achievement, with some moments that had me convinced I'd get jumpscared, but I never was.
The puzzles are very well designed and they required plenty of thinking. Something I dislike about puzzles in games is trial and error, but in Duvet I was so compelled by the puzzles I busted out pen and paper to finish a few of them.
It's not without its flaws, I felt the backstory of the world was great, using the concept of magical girls as a backdrop for a grim story. In execution, it didn't really resonate with me. It has a few buggy environments, but I'm definitely looking past that given how much I enjoyed my experience and this being the first work by the independent studio.
Duvet was a joy to play and it's one of those rare pieces of media that inspires me to create more. My biggest gripe with Duvet is that I wish it went on for longer.

The most divisive game on Backloggd

This game does so much with so little. The simple story framed as a sort of modern fairy tale brought a lot of emotions out of me. Even though I wish it had a little more challenge to it, the biggest strengths in NieR are in the story and music. The latter is absolutely excellent, though the original arrangements are superior.
I highly recommend this game.

Every single boss in this DLC got their ass handed to them by a top hat man with a pistol.

Jardhead got suspended or something so you can now use this review to post your wordle results.

>star wars
>quantic dream

Okay, damn. THAT took up a lot of my time, but I'm back on backloggd...
The writing, sound design and music are up to par with the first game, if not better in some examples. That being said, the game comes to a grinding hault on the third case with the most unlikable characters and infantile logic that made it very frustrating. The last case is great but drags on for way too long. The thing I liked the most would be the game's subtitle "Justice for All" and how it relates to the story's themes from start to end, very enjoyable stuff.
All in all, there's just a moderate amount of things that bring this game down for me. I gotta admit though, playing case 3 with drinking game rules was miserable yet enjoyable for me and my friends. If you want to partake:
1. Every time someone calls Regina cute take a drink.
2. Every unfunny Moe joke take a drink.
You will get absolutely trashed.