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why'd they name it operation penis sucker
i dont think i need to type out why the sheer variety of stealth gameplay is INSANE/NUTS/UNTHINKABLE/GROUNDBREAKING for a ps2 game so instead ill point to a few things i find dumb: camo and food - both systems serving as a "woah thats cool!" but barely interacting with anything beyond colon- i mean major basically calling you and saying "snake, its time to menu now!". i like the medicine because its essentially taking already existing menuing and making it cool and interactive, while the other two kinda just invent more menuing.
if i had to nitpick the time spent actually gaming, i'd say the only thing that bothers me is how little encouragement is given for you to actually use all the cool tools in the box - you can very easily fall into the meta trap and just sleep dart every enemy and crawl everywhere and never see any cool CQC, never use pornmag jutsu, or even see a single scene of snake crawling around in a box, which means a lot of the gameplay seems almost wasted on a first playthrough - once you actually do though it's near perfectly constructed and obviously very inventive. the environments take a big hit once you leave the jungle for personally but ehhhhh
the plot honestly... kinda stinks on this one - they really try to bring it back in the final cutscene but the kino doesnt actually start until 10 minutes after youve put down the controller for good at which point i feel like the statute of limitations should apply in some way. i sorta get why this iteration has to present the more straightforward james bond/rambo mix action hero to allow for the deconstruction in other entries, but *making sound of creaky door hinges with mouth*. i think the whiplash is for sure strengthened by lining up against mgs2 but it is nevertheless definitely the most disappointing part
also why does every legendary ps2 game have some kind of on-rails shooter segment? was everyone just that excited about analog sticks? did they really think they were nice to aim with? they all suck. i will not be taking questions on this particular point

holy crap they made mm watcha say into a real dame dane game
much better than 3 but still not even close to being "one of the good ones"

you should be required to study this before becoming an online moderator
the bulk of the game is "just" a great stealth game with wacky (in a good way) character writing, but the final 2-3 hours consist of kojima disengaging the brakes and making clear in no uncertain terms that YOU (I) are not only stupid, but also a freak for doubting him, and you POSSIBLY eat dog food for fun