This game was so cool man. I had an injustice phase I even read the comics 😭

Man I used to think this game was the coolest. Still is pretty cool ngl

Was chill and fun, makes me wanna check out jet set

DualSense is kinda freaky…Someone has definitely done some weird stuff with it 💀

This game is an amazing step forward in the FF series. The combat is amazing, the story is heartfelt, and the graphics are unreal. My only complaints are
The game is too easy (without accessibility options)
The level design starts out bland but gets better later on
(I know people are upset with RPG elements but this is (and was advertised as) as more of an action game than RPG.
That’s it.
What an achievement for Square. They really needed this W. Goty contender.
I’m feeling a 9.5 for this so I’ll round to a 5 stars

Can be janky but a well designed game
- Gameplay is fun but a tad bit aged
- Story is cute
- Graphics are great for GCN game
Feeling a solid 8/10

Definitely an improvement, too many bugs at launch tho

This game still doesn’t feel real to me. BOTW is my favorite game ever and I thought it was impossible to improve from it. 6 years later, TOTK defies all expectations. The sky islands are cool, the reused over world somehow feels new, and the depths are one of my favorite things in any Zelda game ever. I do think this is a better game than BOTW objectively, but I have a lot of nostalgia for it, so I’ll have to let this one sit with me for a while.

Pretty good dlc, so sad to see the trilogy end. Story was a little bit confusing but I’ll like it more after a few YT summaries lol

When was the last time capcom missed?

Better than I expected it to be but not that great. F JK Rowling btw

I’m lazy this review is for every blazblue game.
The gameplay is fire and the story is a guilty pleasure even tho it’s KH bs