Great fun! I am just awful at fighting games.

lost the game before I could defeat the final boss. still haven't recovered from this.

the soundtrack, characters and story slap across the board. the bottomless pits in the levels? not so much.

the game of all time for the wii and I'm not even joking.

humanity was at its peak with flappy bird. it's never been the same since.

Really gave me Rez vibes (more of those kind of games pls!) and the end really hit and left me crying for a good while. fantastic.

no matter how many times you play, no one will be happy in this game.

really fun game! but unfortunately it's association with lost world and forces makes me....little bit sad.

would like to thank the sonic adventure modding community for single-handedly saving this particular port, because I would not have had this much fun otherwise.

nostalgia talking but this was fun to play.

gameplay is ok but the soundtrack hasn't ages a day.