pretty fun. absolutely insane anyone ever compared this game/series to tf2. they're superficially similar at best -- i would know. oh, and the microtransactions in this game are not uniquely predatory at all, so stop pretending they are.

where are all the good scp games?

most old traditional roguelikes suck, sorry

there are few games which approach the absurd and sublime breadth and depth of Modded Minecraft.

this game is amazing actually. very fun to fuck around on every friday.


surprised this, what is ultimately yet another Angband fork, is even on here. easily one of the best roguelikes, and probably the only version of Angband I'll ever seriously play. love being a graceful elf singing as I strike down orcs and make them flee from me.

fire in the hole etc. etc.

kind of wish there were actual iron sights but w/e.

ok why couldn't they make you gain XP through shooting actual NPC enemies. takes too much influence from other io games and too little from it's namesake flash game series. "multiplayer pvp diepix with different class paths" is still an excellent idea.

curious how many people know this is a spiritual successor to (or just a sequel in) the Diepix series of flash games.

This review contains spoilers

Nietzschean imagery no one will ever notice, or at least I like to interpret it through that frame. the forever-dying world is now dead; layer cakes of transfinite past failed civilizations lay atop each other in a mountain of madness, a dreg heap; eons past even that one sits in a salt and dust caked desert-ruin with the Last Man, a Slave no less, though also subversively a knight -- one with the ability and drive to transvaluate and progress, requesting your [dark] soul. You kill the slave-moralist-knight and give his vast and mad soul to a neotenous Artist who, using it, makes the world anew. Assumedly Elden Ring is created. The innocent dice game continues. The burning of fire is beautiful -- but a flame that lasts forever is Profane.

at it's worst just feels like an inferior counter-strike. at it's best, generally with friends who don't play the game often rather than randos, is actually rather tense. probably needs a lot more guns and a lot more disincentivizing carefree deathmatching.

TBD? is this a reboot? this is the Tiny Plumbers I remember. it fucked.