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This was a really fun one, give it a try already.

Reviewed on Apr 06, 2020


Hilarious and amazing game.

Reviewed on Apr 06, 2020


First played: August 25, 1996
First played date accuracy: +/- 1 month
Last attempted: 1996 or 1997 (EDIT: Now 2020)

Why I should beat it: Revolutionary for its time, and considered one of the best games ever created across all platforms.

Why I haven't beaten it: I've never actually owned an N64, and emulation was tricky until relatively recent. Maybe it's time?

EDIT: Why I will never beat it: It's interesting, I was able to play this game slightly before most US Gamers, there was a short-lived tech store in Boston called 'Cybersmith', and other than being a spiffy internet cafe, also had an import Nintendo 64 before the North American launch.

I was excited by the game, and I though it was really quite interesting when some high school friends played it, but as I'm sitting here playing it in 2020, it's not working for me.

This isn't to knock the value of the game, I know its value, again, before many others in the US, but at this time and in this mindset (a 40-year old clearing out his backlog), weird platforming for the sake of having something to beat isn't doing it for me.

This concludes almost 24 years oh hoping I'd someday beat the game, and I'm annoyed that it's ending like this, but ultimately nothing will improve in my personal life if somehow I'm able to tell people that I did indeed beat Super Mario 64.

Reviewed on Apr 06, 2020


I really enjoyed this more than I thought I would. I tried Snatcher, and that just wasn't something that worked for me, so I tried Policenauts, and I had a great time with it. I think the shooting sections were pretty rough, so I used a mouse for that.

The story is cool, the characters are pretty neat, and I'm glad I stuck it out. I used a guide in sections because there's areas with very little clues as to what to do next, along with issues where you get to the end of a dialog tree, and then move onto something else, and that action opens up more options in a previous dialog tree you cleared, without any way of knowing about it, but that's about all I can ding it on.

Played the PSX translated version, and happy I did.

Reviewed on Apr 02, 2020


First played: November 20, 2000
First played date accuracy: +/- 3 months
Last attempted: Unknown, likely 2000

Why I should beat it: It's considered the best RPG for the Dreamcast, and I had fun with it. I still remember playing it with Ted for one day.

Why I haven't beaten it: No reason at all, probably moved on to another game, but I dug this one, I'll hope for a PC port soon, but otherwise try it out, it seems like a great experience. (45 hours to beat though is a hard ask.)

EDIT: Why I'll never beat it: I'm really quite bummed to be removing this from my backlog after so much time, because in reality I want to see this through, but after starting it up a few time, there's not really much else I can do with it. I can't play a 45 hour RPG at this point in my life. Maybe if there's a remake, but even then.

I think it's just another case of me wanting to go back to the halcyon Dreamcast days that aren't coming back.

Reviewed on Apr 01, 2020


First played: July 1, 1999
First played date accuracy: +/- 3 months
Last attempted: 2018

Why I should beat it: It's largely considered to be one of the greatest RPGs of all time, period.

Why I haven't beaten it: I rush through it to enjoy the storyline, and hit a wall where I have hard enemies but I'm not strong enough.

Have been aware of this game since launch, when a schoolmate used the nickname Magus for an educational game in 1995.

Been on my backlog for quite some time, though I never owned and SNES, and don’t really play RPG’s, something about the story of this one always stuck with me.

My friend Ted beat it back in the day, and I remember us talking about it in the early 2000’s.

I started it a couple years ago, eventually hitting a big wall at the Magus fight, because like all RPG’s, I hit a big wall because I want to see more of the story, so I do less random dungeon battles, and the I get clobbered and can’t enjoy the story anymore.

I cared enough about seeing this through that I used God Mode GameShark codes to keep going, though I didn’t know why I was still playing.

I guess what I really wanted was more early 2000’s chats with Ted. Can’t backlog that.

Reviewed on Apr 01, 2020


Nope, even on Easy, you lose far too much health from enemies you can't see. Lost at the end of boss battle? Get ready to do the entire episode over again. Hell to the no, happy I picked PSX back in the day.

The again, in 1995, we also put up with a lot more bad game design under the veil of the dawn of 3D games.

Reviewed on Mar 30, 2020


First played: October 6, 1999
First played date accuracy: +/- 3 months
Last attempted: 1999, and then February 2019 and March 2020

Why I should beat it: Squaresoft was in their prime during this time, and this game didn't get the attention from me it deserved.

Why I haven't beaten it: I think I lost interest when the story got sort of funky, but that's not a real reason to avoid a classic.

EDIT: Leaving this unrated because I haven't beaten it, and I'm not really a big fan of it.

The life bar has just a number, and a "MP" next to it, that seems like it would be "magic points", but no, this is your life bar.

In addition, to add to the confusion, there is a giant bright green bar right below it that makes you think your health is good, and labeled "PE".

These aren't the kinds of systems you want in place as you wander around Central Park with no map, looking for a girl and getting into random dungeon battles.

I wish I played it in 1998, because I put up with a lot of odd game design back then.

Reviewed on Mar 25, 2020


Keeping this unrated, because it's been on my list forever. I asked for this for Christmas in 2001, and got it, but I recently played it, and I got about as far as I did 19 years ago.

I don't care for the characters, the story, or the enemies, or anything much with this game.

I think it was just on my backlog because I wanted to honor the $50 USD my mother spent on it.

Sorry again, Mom.

Reviewed on Mar 25, 2020


a bit more than Mediocre DDR knockoff.

Reviewed on Mar 25, 2020