i find myself endeared to this weird glitchy surreal world, with its opaque theology and its cutesy inhabitants. i really love the art style, and all the individual images that come up during bad endings or cutscenes.

there are frustrating moments, for sure. save as often as you possibly can, because you never know when you'll examine something and immediately die. opened the wrong door? immediate death! i don't mind that sort of thing, once i know it's that type of game. additionally, there's a maze with a bunch of enemies with random movement patterns, and if they touch you you have to start over from before a scene where you need to select the right dialogue options, but it's just that one area so keep pressing on. i recommend looking up a guide (there's one on steam for ep1 and ep2, just have that open if you start feeling annoyed, it's very light on spoilers).

should you play this game? if you've played and enjoyed yume nikki and the games it inspired, and you find yourself drawn to the art style, absolutely. if you played nier automata and were delighted by ending k, absolutely. if you grew up in the newgrounds/deviantart/invader zim/keenspot era, absolutely. plus, it's free, and the other eps are only a couple dollars.

i'm looking forward to playing the rest!

it's a lego game, but it's HUGE so if you already like this series, you won't be disappointed

oof, this is a tough one to write. rune factory 4 is one of my favorite games, ever.

i knew rf5 wouldn't live up to rf4. the only way to do that would be to make a game that is rf4 with a different story/characters/setting/etc. a huge reason rf4 works so well is because everything is very quick. you can knock out an entire day's tasks in five minutes if you want to.

this game, on the other hand, suffers from long load times and really intense performance issues on the switch. i'd love a buttery-smooth pc port, and i don't normally mind jank, but it really hurts this game's pace given the repetitive nature of farming sims.

i will pick this back up, i love rune factory too much to ignore it forever, but the switch to 3d environments was something i was dreading after the ps3 game, and i was right to feel that way. the combat is sloppy and also hurt by the framerate issues. the environments are huuuuge for no reason whatsoever.

here are a couple nice things about it: i have decent first impressions of the characters. i think i will be able to grow to like them once i get to know them more. also, the intro cinematic is clearly going for a persona vibe and it totally succeeds, i watch it every single time i boot up the game. and lastly, the north american release marked the addition of actual same-sex marriage in this series. no more having to switch your character sprite and being stuck with the wrong pronouns or whatever. wooooo

that said, you still select your gender at the beginning by answering a question either masculinely or femininely, lol. baby steps i guess.

just go play it, it takes less than an hour.

everybody loves splendidland's apple quest monsters dx, and now we've got that vibe but in a fun little adventure game. the humor is cute and clever, and genuinely got some laughs out of me.

i love how weird this game is, with all the status effects and how almost every character is kind of a puppet character with the personas (not really), and how hectic and fast the movement can get. i kind of bounced off of it because of some initial friction with the controls and mechanics, coupled with how i'm spreading myself thin between at least three other fighting games already, but it's so fun to watch and it's quite fun to play too.

this game is pretty good, and it has all the right ingredients for making me like it. so why don't i like it more? i think a common complaint is the length and pacing of it, and i tend to agree, but it didn't necessarily feel like that while i was playing it, it just makes sense as an explanation in retrospect. i like to think i'll pick this back up at some point, but i just don't feel any desire to do so.

the soundtrack is so good, though. the art is great, the unspoken bond between the two main characters is cute, this game has so much going for it. it's really weird that i couldn't stick with it!

everything's very floaty and imprecise, and i find it difficult to manage the controls (you essentially need to have your indexes on r1/l1 and middle fingers on r2/l2, and then you're clicking a stick while moving sideways in the sidescroller to activate bullet-time, etc). it's kind of like if katana zero had the gamefeel of gang beasts - not an especially compelling power fantasy, nor is the challenge of it interesting to me. the small handful of deaths i experienced felt dissatisfying, rather than like learning opportunities or a personal failure.

sometimes i can power through a game where i have these complaints if the story or presentational elements are enticing enough, but i don't really like much of what this game is offering there. the music is fine, the visuals are grey and unremarkable, and i just really don't care about my character (what bland design, looks like someone opened a tacticool magazine and drew some guy from the background of an ad for ar-15 rail-mounted accessories), or the talking banana, whose jokes are all groan-inducing and lame.

admittedly, i'm not that far in, so maybe there's a really interesting twist regarding this banana that would turn the whole thing around for me, but i sincerely doubt it. i might pick this up again to see if the controls feel better after sleeping on it, but i've played much better versions of this, the split-aim shooting is a neat innovation, but not enough to keep me here.

you know, i don't dislike this game, i just don't find it all that entertaining. the writing isn't great, the art and music are unremarkable, the jokes don't land for me, none of the characters have any depth (which would be fine if they were funny), the room decorating is pointless, the implementation of money in general is pointless, the time loop aspect barely adds anything outside of narrative setup as far as i've seen...

and i'm all in favor of games having semi-useless mechanics/systems just to add flavor, but everything here is so flavorless. i don't know. i'm halfway through it, plus i've gotten a few sidequests knocked out, but it's hard for me to feel motivated to keep going.

sort of "required reading" if you're a trans woman who remembers aol instant messenger

it's sluggish, simplistic, and i just wasn't having very much fun with this. the presentational elements are pretty good, i picked it up because it looked cool (and was on sale for $2.50) but it just isn't for me, and unlike street fighter or other slower fighting games, i don't view this as "a good game that isn't to my taste," so much as "a mediocre/bad game that i don't feel like i'm missing out on"

i played this in a single 11-hour session, tied up every loose end i possibly could. i love this game dearly, and recommend it wholeheartedly. the systems design and narrative are both great, and they weave into each other seamlessly. this is a really special work of art.


this is my current game of the year frontrunner. i highly recommend it. i just finished it, and i feel like i'll want to sit with it for at least half a year and then replay it.

i won't give it a star rating, but the short amount of time i spent with the demo was excruciating. the game looks bad in both art direction and especially animation, and it feels terrible. i'm not a rollback crusader, but it won't have rollback, movement feels sluggish, all the attacks feel slimy and have the oomph of a paper fan, and it suffers from system bloat in uninteresting ways. i was looking forward to this, but it's a hard pass from me.

at least it's better than the first one

i loved this. the atmosphere is perfect, everything in it is stylish and cute, just a hint of spookiness. i don't really want to say too much about it, except that there are four achievements i don't have yet, and they're all things i wanted to try during my two playthroughs. i'll take a break, and get them some other day. this'll be a comfort game, something i can play all the way through in 15 minutes when i want some escapism.