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A very cute and fun game that perfectly captures the 8-bit Mega Man feel. It's quite short (you can beat it in a half hour), but it's sure to give any fan of the blue bomber a good time.
It started out as a Flash game, but fortunately, the game was preserved and is still playable, instead of becoming a statistic of the Adobe Flash Player graveyard.

The infamous crowd-funded spiritual sucessor of classic Mega Man that turned out to be a huge disappointment, and that ruined the reputation of mr. Keiji Inafune. We've all made the jokes a million times already (cry like an anime fan, pizza explosions, it's better than nothing, etc.) But hey, anybody can look past a shitshow rollout/development is the end result is a solid game, right?
There is absolutely nothing here that hasn't been done better in other Mega Man games. While the core gameplay remains the same jump/shoot side-scrolling style, the new dash mechanic used to finish enemies and harm bosses is something I've always felt slows the game down and makes it less fun. A rather lame attempt at giving the game its own identity, despite its obvious ties to Mega Man. The music is absolutely boring and forgettable, the graphics are dull and lifeless, the voice acting is atrocious (not even "funny bad" like in Mega Man 8 or X4), and the overall design is so lacking that it truly feels like the game doesn't understand what made Mega Man appealing in the first place.
It was so ironic and beautiful seeing a project fueled by the extreme hatred against Capcom fail this hard and become a laughing stock, and then see the villain "Crapcom" live long enough to see itself become the hero with Mega Man 11. I hope we've all learned something here.

If the idea of a Sonic-themed RPG sounds like a bad idea to you, this game is to blame. A bizarre presentation of horrible character models and animations against ugly backgrounds, the use of nothing other than the touch screen to control everything (even things that could be easily assigned to buttons, like menus), a battle system that works like a more punishing version of a rhythm game, where missing one note will cripple your entire action, a dreadful soundtrack with the most boring and lazy MIDI files you will ever hear, and weird implementation of a dialog tree system where you can turn Sonic into the biggest asshole you will ever see.
I know some people still wish for a good Sonic RPG, but we all know how this franchise works. If a new concept for a Sonic game isn't a home run from the very first attempt, they will simply kill that concept out of fear of failure, instead of giving it another chance and hopefully improve upon it.