Square Enix has been smoking a lot of something these past years. They've released a lot of schlock, to say the least. Outriders, I think, was the telling sign.

I actually bothered beating this with a friend in co-op. Mechanically speaking, it's a game that tries very hard to be dynamic, despite its cover shooter aesthetics. In fact, cover shooting in this game is discouraged. Enemies can easily wipe you if you don't keep moving and gunning. It kind of reminds me of Bulletstorm- Now wait a minute, who made this game?

The problem with this game, if I were to actually compare it with Bulletstorm, is that it's a god damn RPG. An RPG shooting game is bad news: Enemies are insane bullet sponges, and with the dynamic difficulty mechanics in place, you're going to take way too much time to gun down your enemies. The final boss fight took me and my friend over 30 minutes to beat because of how many bullets it took us to just whittle down the boss' HP. I've never seen anything like it, and I played Borderlands enough to know what I'm saying. At least, with Bulletstorm, you could just kick an enemy to a spiky wall and be done with it. Fast, easy and satisfying is nothing that this game has to offer, unfortunately.

So we beat the final boss and stopped there. This is the kind of game that wants you to keep on grinding, however. My patience, on the other hand, was eyeing elsewhere. Make a compelling plot for once, and maybe I'll care about playing your game some more. As it is with Outriders, it's all secondary thoughts.

They made a DLC at some point, too. Good on People Can Fly for trying, but, like, you had to deal with Square Enix, as well. It just wasn't meant to be, after all.

Reviewed on Jun 04, 2024