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This is a perfect Calvin game. as a long time not a JRPG fan , I was urged to try this and it was a gaming experience that I thought was prefect. From the wacky enemies to the banger locations and soundtrack this was a treat for sure. I am being converted.

Rather nice short story for one of the best characters in Judgment. I hope playable Kaito comes back, I love him.

I thought this was a fun beat em-up and I even played it alone which is doing it wrong.

One of the best games on the 3DS, although I got it day 1 in February 2014 and didn't finish it until June 2022 – eight years later. This is because I don't like that you have to play the game six times, but at least the characters are fun, the music is fantastic, and the story is pretty good! It also has one of the best implementations of the Final Fantasy job system ever and is highly customizable, which means the game welcomes you to break it, which is a lot of fun. New job combinations popped into my head all the time as I was playing it, and felt very rewarding when it worked – one of my favorite combinations which I used in the endgame was making Tiz a pirate/swordmaster, which allowed him to use the pirate's 4x damage output without using any MP, which let him always hit at max damage (9999).
This game is really good, but you have to have the patience to get past the tedium.

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