I played a little bit of this and was surprised at how well the controls transferred over from 2D to 3D. Like you still have to do the same shit with the hills that you did in the original but in a 3D space instead. I thought that was neat. The game itself was okay lol.

Played it for all of 10 minutes but it was really fun. I also watched 1dave play it for like 2 hours at SGDQ so I’ve seen all the levels even though I only actually played like 3. I should actually try to beat this one day.

I was really enjoying this game but then the Bethesda game platform went under and I tried to transfer my game to steam but it didn’t transfer over my save file so I guess I’m done with this for now

Really fun. Other than a bug that prevented me from beating a level for a couple days, this was great. Nintendo is the only video game company brave enough to ask the question, “what if war was cute?”

This review contains spoilers


Goated and best Katamari game. I can’t stop playing it. I think I’m going to get all of the cousins and presents. Probably won’t get all of the stickers, they are hard af to find.

Easily the worst Pokémon game yet lmao. Each game they outdo themselves by lowering the bar lower than ever thought possible. Legitimately the worst looking and running AAA game that has come out. The new Pokémon designs are cool which is always the case and what keeps me going through every shitty Pokémon game but my god, this one was really a whole new beast of shit.

ill probably never play this again but im glad i own it. the teen titans flash game was the goat though

kinda not good. I dont know why this is on switch online when all the other gameboy games are certified hood classics

it fuckin hard but it fuckin good

WL4 is soooo much better but i do like how weird this fuckin game is

pretty good for a puzzle game i guess

tried really hard to beat it but i didnt