OST slaps, as usual, and the boss fights are surprisingly entertaining, even challenging.
Besides that, the game's limited movement options, the disfunctional controls and the terrible 'just-go-forward' level design truly undermine what could be a bare-minimum, decent experience.

Entertaining game, with a compeling, emotional story, adding a heart-warming twist to the course of events of the Calamity and a more complete, touching perspective on Link's, Zelda's, and the Champions' backstories we've known from Breath of the Wild.
It starts off kinda slow and sloppy, but as the story progresses, the game gest more and more fun, challenging, addictive. Its soundtrack is off the roof, detailed to each moment of the battles on this epic adventure. The characters had a reasonably varied playstyle among them. On the one hand, it gave the sense of uniqueness, matching each of the Champions personalities; but on the other hand, some of the playable characters added to the roaster had, somehow, a poor, boring and ineffective moveset.
On the negative side, the game feels unnecessarily long, not only because of its exaggerated number of side quests along the way, but especially after the final mission. I mean, the last challenges were a real test and gave a true sense of accomplishment; but, when it comes to the rest, it was slightly annoying having to fight the very same foes over and over again, in repetitive stages. Plus: the camera work is terrible when locking onto enemies.

Well-written and compelling story, with an amazing finale (and build-up that led towards it). The characters are unique and have a fascinating development, which gets the player more and more fond of them during the adventure.
When it comes to gameplay, it was a hell of a fun ride. Quill's and the team's fighting mechanics work like a charm and every single battle, as hard and challenging as it could get, turns out to be super entertaining, with multiple possible outcomes within each one's style.
Boss stages were one of its weak spots, though - could've had a more challenging and different tone from the rest of the fights. The final extra "boss" (?) also seemed a bit rushed and could've been better explored, but it's understandable after the relatively long "official" final boss fight. It also had an epic cinematic finale that made up for it and stood up for a truly amazing videogame.
(Note: for the PS4, the game had some reproduction issues, like minor glitches or even severe FPS drops, from time to time)

OoT walked so MM could run. I will not elaborate further.
Anyway, top tier game. I totally felt attached to its sympathetic, melancholic and surprisingly profound storyline. One could actually live through Termina's sorrows, beliefs and despairs in each of Link's steps towards the end. Those mystic scenarios, those rich characters, the astonishing soundtrack, the challenging and constant battle against time: all of these were capable of turning a (supposedly) rushed game into an all-time classic.

If Sonic Unleashed introduced the boost mechanic and a gotta-go-fast gameplay, Sonic Generations added a better paced style of play. The game was capable of using an arguably satisfying formula within a level design that pays (even) more attention to the blue blur's origins: platforming. The return of Classic Sonic truly feels nostalgic and fits perfectly in the 2D gameplay. The soundtrack (and its remixes) is amazing, as it is usual in this franchise. Even if the game's story is short, poorly elaborated and sometimes even cringy, "who cares": it was an anniversary-focused game. About the challenges: some of them were a bit repetitive, but they were mostly fun, entertaining and capable of giving a different experience from the main levels. Rival stages and boss fights were mostly easy; nevertheless, Sonic Generations' gave a new, different and equally fascinating way of battling these old nemesis.
In the end, an almost-perfect tribute to a rocky-but-mostly-cherished-and-loved franchise. It just "fails" in its short duration.

This game is JUST FCKING FUN. It has a simple, yet entertaining story mode, a ton of amazing and surprising characters - with fabulous set-moves (most of the times) - and mesmerizing fighting scenarios. Even for a person who plays sht, it has a unique way of giving a great time, whether playing alone or at a party, whether playing it for just a couple of minutes or 3 hours.
Truly an ode to the art that all of the videogames referenced are.

If this game is capable of making me question if it's better than OoT, then it just means that BotW is a masterpiece. The best Nintendo Switch game, hands down.

Game Gear Sonic sure feels weird, tbh.

Within its time - and within the evolution of the FIFA franchise -, FIFA13 was probably the most refreshing one, with an amazing gameplay and a significant, visible change in quality from the previous titles.
Under the circumstances, it is arguably the best of the series.

Playing this before the PS3 version, it actually was reasonably fun; however, after playing the PS3 version, you can see a huge quality difference, in which the PS2/Wii version lacks speed, challenge and environment, besides a more simplistic and "lazy-ish" (if one may say so) level design.

(Played on an emulator for PC)
Beautiful scenarios and jazzy soundtrack, reminiscing of Sonic CD. But only in those parameters, as it all gets worse when it comes to actual playability.
I truly understand what they tried to do with the 2-characters-attached gameplay, it was actually a fun idea, but only if it worked properly: its gimmicks and physics are hard to predict or even control. So, in the end, I saw myself too reliant on Knuckles' ability to climb and glide to overcome that hard time. The level design was counter-intuitive most of the times and was almost identical for each zone, which would turn out to be boring and too predictable. And the boss fights are tremendously easy and forgettable.

A Sonic game in which running is not necessarily your first option, wtf.

It is actually fun to play and a good redemption - if one may say so - from Episode 1.