There aren't enough words in the world for me to describe how incredible this game is. Outer Wilds has one of the most beautifully told stories with astonishingly well done sound and visual design. I have no idea how the developers crafted such an incredible game and I truly believe everyone should experience it on their own. Everybody is always saying this (cause it's true), but I'll say it again anyways, if you haven't played it already, please do so, and don't get ANY spoilers for it. Going into this game completely blind was very worth it. Also, don't give up on it, I'll admit there were some parts were I got pretty stuck on what to do next, but is was worth every second. This is easily my favorite game of all time for so many reasons and man... I wish I could play it for the first time again.

Pretty solid and difficult platformer. Super cool story aswell.

Game was so good I got 100% a second time on PS5 after playing on PC

I loved the hell out of this game. Story was incredible, the gameplay felt original and interesting, and it was pretty fun to 100% as well! Also thanks to The Living Tombstone for making an INCREDIBLE soundtrack.

Way more fun then I expected, loved every second of it, can't wait for more!

I watched some videos of custom tracks in the game and thought it looked like a fun little rhythm game so I tried it out. Wasn't expecting the lore and side quest content, and was pleasantly surprised. Super fun game and definitely recommend

Definitely the greatest game ever made. But after playing the game for so many hours, I can't enjoy it as much anymore. What I'd give to play this game for the first time again...

I'm sure this would be very cool if I had a $1,599 graphics card. For me though, it's just a challenge to beat Portal with 15 FPS

It's a pretty basic concept for a puzzle game, but that's what makes it great. Hoping I'll 100% it someday, but it's gonna take a while since there is a LOT of content in this game (and they still update it every once in a while).

It's weird because this game is intended to be frustrating and everybody agrees that it is. But I thought it was fun enough to go for 100%. I'm probably not mentally sane.

Played this a lot when I was younger. I decided to go for 100% now that I'm more skilled and it was pretty fun! Really awesome game and hope to see more of it maybe some day since the developers are still around.

Really awesome survival horror experience. It got a little slow at some parts but overall I had a really fun time with it

Really good survival horror game, actually scary and has a good pace. The lore is also very interesting and not too difficult to follow

I had an awfully annoying and tedious experience with this. The doors take forever to open, you can only save a certain amount of times, the inventory system is awful, and the camera angles are really strange. Overall these mechanics were made because of the limitations of hardware which is understandable, but I'm really hoping it gets a remaster again because ignoring the terrible gameplay experience I had, everything else about it was good.