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They took away Luke's string cheese hair so it's instantly better than SFV Luke. Horrible Logo, but at least they kept bearded Ryu.

A solid 2D platformer with pretty sprite-work, a great CD quality soundtrack, and "seamless" stages stringed together, although some of the bosses & latter stages can be frustrating,

You know those early Playstation games which feel like they could have been made for the SNES because the devs hadn't caught the 3D train yet?
Well that's not the case of Little Ralph.
Little Ralph was made well into the console's life and the creators obviously WANTED to make a 16bit-styled 2D platformer. And it was made with a lot of love.
It's a beautiful game with nice-looking and well-animated pixel art. It controls with only two buttons, and two buttons are enough (there's a nice downward slash and a charged-attack you can use to blow small enemies and projectiles away which is very satisfying). You can play for scoring, the stages are full of secrets, some bosses have a fun gimmick, there's a minecart section,... It's a great little game!
I'll still give a warning: Little Ralph is tough as nails. You die in one hit and the game can be extremely unforgiving at times. Thankfully, there's a lot of checkpoints, unlimited continues, and you can save your progress on memory card. If you're not afraid of a bit of challenge, Little Ralph is well worth a try.

Okay never expected existential dread from a Nintendo game about a cleaning robot damn!

If Nintendo released the Gamecube online instead of N64 online and had this game for the service, people would have happily paid for the insane price.

Okey ppl, this translation needs an english version, and stils a bit rough tho, with some errors , but exists

this game is a goddamn work of art and you can't convince me otherwise

You know what? I really enjoyed my time with this! It's a wacky, colorful beat em up with great music and strange enemies. Really good stuff!

Some mad man saw Panzer Dragoon and thought that it could be better if it had more Gamera and a soundtrack by Zuntata, and they were totally right.

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