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I don't know I didn't really enjoy it all that much.

The level design is pretty solid and the parkour can be pretty fun. The game definitely shines in that aspect but the combat is janky and too simple for my liking and the biggest problem is how much that combat plays into the biggest mechanic in this game (that sand thingy).

Not my cup of tea but I'll be keeping it around cause my brother really loved it.

Reviewed on Jun 23, 2020


The game is pretty good. Too bad I can't fucking play it because of that memory card glitch that happens all the fucking time.

CTR is better.

Reviewed on Jun 21, 2020


You can air-dash in the middle of a fight.

That alone makes this game about 60% better than almost every other fighting game there is.

Reviewed on Jun 13, 2020


I wasted 30+ hours on this shit to try and unlock all the characters. All of that just for what? just for me to be stupid enough to turn off the ps2 while it was saving.

Now I lost everything and I'm sad.

Reviewed on May 12, 2020


After 25 hours I can certainly say this is one of the best games ever made.

I finished it on both Normal and Hard mode with Dante and I'm currently playing as Vergil (which is fucking cool as shit to play as) and finishing as Dante on Very Hard.
The combat is surprisingly deep, and if you master Royalguard while playing you can feel like a literal god, Swordmaster is probably the most fun style to play with, Gunslinger is the most useless, but I still liked it. And Trickster is the best for newcomers.

My complaints: For as much as I like the campaign, playing it over and over can be kinda tiring. I wish Vergil's campaign wasn't just Dante's campaign again.
A potential remake could tweek alot of stuff in the story to make Vergil a more active player in the story, giving him unique missions and bosses to fight.
Another thing is that Vergil's combos feel kinda lacking, you don't have different combos for the same weapon depending on the timing you press the buttons. You just have one combo (which sucks).

Footnote: I love the little detail they added in the memory card for the ps2 edition where there's a little Jester plushie as the placeholder for your save files.

Reviewed on May 03, 2020


Got the game to play on my phone with a gaming controller and holy shit it did not dissapoint.
The performance was great, which was what expected since i'm pretty sure if I inserted a flash drive containing the game into a sponge cake it would at least run the tutorial.

Reviewed on Apr 10, 2020



Never played it btw

Reviewed on Dec 19, 2019