A decent "pre-sequel" with a solid story, but subpar gameplay.
This game lands between RE4 and RE5. It explains the events in between the two which I thought was pretty cool. Originally a Nintendo 3DS game, this version was ported to PC a year. It's overall a decent game and I enjoyed the overall story. Some aspects were a little campy, but serviceable. The gameplay felt a bit overly simplified (probably form being designed for the 3DS), but was serviceable. Combat felt clunky and the dodge mechanic was inconsistent for me. The game plays out in 12 episodes where you switch between characters. It was kind of nice being able to play several sets of characters to get the whole story. Felt more like a movie or TV show which was a nice change of pace.
I played entirely on Steam Deck and it played flawlessly. I had it set to medium graphics, and locked it to 60fps and 60hz refresh rate. It took me a little under 10 hours to complete.
Overall, it was a decent game but a subpar port. The mechanics were overly simplified but serviceable. I recommend for anyone wanting to get the whole RE story, and the shorter length and episodic nature makes it not so much of a slog.

Reviewed on Oct 12, 2023