A continuation in the more action oriented games in the franchise that had a solid story but sometimes frustrating controls and mobility.
As a follow up to RE4 this game changes up the scenery and moves to a more action-centric style of gameplay. The story is solid, and gets more over-the-top, with a few twists and turns. Having even smarter zombies then in RE4 was fun, but some of the movement and gun mechanics were super frustrating. The fact that you cant move while reloading or aiming got me a few times. Once you get used to it, it's not so bad. I just haven't played as many games lately with that style of movement/gun play. Also was not a fan of all the QTEs, but it's a remnant of that time in gaming. The inventory system could be a bit frustrating at times since you can only "store" or buy things when you die or are in between chapters. I definitely preferred the item box and merchant from RE4. Minor gripe though. The game is split into 6 chapters. Several of these felt a bit long, but not too bad. The environment changes with each chapter giving you some new scenery and baddies to deal with. The game is solid and enjoyable, but modern gamers may have some frustrations with some of the mechanics.
I played entirely on the Steam Deck and it played near flawlessly (it crashed once during a cutscene). I had it set to high graphics and locked to 60fps and 60hz refresh rate. It took me about 16.5 hours to complete.
Overall, I enjoyed the story and the more action oriented gameplay. My only real gripe had to do with some of the movement and gun mechanics. Definitely recommended for anyone who is a fan of the series.

Reviewed on Oct 27, 2023