Amazing narrative game giving you more of the story for any fan of The Expanse.

I'm a little biased as I loved the show and Camina Drummer was my favorite character. I have not read the books yet but it is on my to read list and will be interested if my opinion changes after that. This is my first foray into the Telltale games though, and it won't be my last.

The story is set prior to the events of the show, and shows Drummers rise to a more prominent role in the belt. You're faced with a number of tough choices which shape the narrative (as I've heard all Telltale games do). Your choices feel like they have weight and it is awesome to see things play out.

The gameplay was a mix of cutscenes with quick time events, and third person exploration. Being in space and dealing with low/no gravity made the exploration bits pretty enjoyable, and there were enough breaks in the main cutscene/qte content to make it not get boring. I felt it was really balanced all the way through.

The DLC with Avasarala was also quite enjoyable. More of a mystery/puzzle narrative, but felt like they really understood her character to it's core.

I played this entirely on Steam Deck and it ran flawlessly. 40hz/40fps and didn't feel like it had any issues. Overall the game took me about 6 hours to beat (including the DLC), and I enjoyed it all thoroughly.

I highly recommend this for any fan of The Expanse or Telltale games. It's just long enough to get you invested in the story and characters, and makes you feel the weight of your choices.

Reviewed on Apr 26, 2024