A major shift for the franchise to a more action oriented RPG with epic scale with solid gameplay and mechanics, but a worse "Assassin's Creed" game.


Gameplay: 9
Graphics: 9
Sound: 8
Story: 7
Performance: 8


I have played every mainline AC game up to AC: Odyssey and though this felt like less of an AC game than any of the previous ones, it was a blast. I did not play much of the DLC's this time around but they seemed pretty solid.

Gameplay & Experience

The story of this game has a grand and epic scale, with a lot of humor and heart. It can feel a bit off though with the dialogue, and the amount of choice the game gives you feels like it breaks the dialogue sometimes. Not terrible, but definitely breaks the immersion at times. Your choices felt like the have weight, but would make story progression a little awkward at times.

You follow one of two Spartan siblings (Alexios or Kassandra) on a journey throughout Greece. You deal with family heartache and difficult choices regarding family members, political intrigue with a cult that is driving the war between Sparta and Athens. I won't give away any spoilers here, but the over arching story is pretty good, albeit feels weird because of how they implemented choice and the resulting dialogue. It did kind of just end for me though when I thought I still had more to do. You can continue to play after the epilogue though so no worries, just felt a little odd.

Gameplay wise you level up like a normal RPG and have basic skill trees to assign points to for active or passive abilities. These felt fairly robust at times but didn't feel like it altered the gameplay that much. It doesn't feel like it offers enough variety to give you different builds, but it could just be me. You can fight with various melee weapon types and a bow. You also have a special "spear tip" that plays into the story that is satisfying to use. Traversing the world and parkour feels great like the prior few games. The game also brings back ship mechanics, but the don't feel as good as they din Black Flag. It really does feel like a "bolt on" feature to the game.

The world offers tons of points of interest and a "leader" mechanic, where each region is either controlled by Sparta or Athens, and you can weaken the region to trigger a battle sequence where you can change who the ruler of the region is. Feels a little gimmicky at times, but does add a nice flavor to the gameplay.

Overall the game feels great, even though some of the mechanics, and story/dialogue feel off. You get to explore a huge world that feels empty at times, but really does add to the scale of it. There are a lot of sites to explore, and collect items from, as well as military forts/camps you can clear. You'll find a lot of these sites as you travel around.

Additional Details

I played the game entirely on Steam Deck and it played near flawlessly at 40fps. It would dip into the 30's in the cities, but was not that noticeable. I played with a mix of medium and high settings as well.

The game took me almost 63 hours to complete.


The game is great, but would be better if it wasn't labelled as an Assassin's Creed game. It offers a lot of gameplay, even though some of it can feel gimmicky or forced. You won't be bored, and feels like it has some replayability.

Reviewed on Jul 03, 2024