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I'm not sure how to feel on this game.
Illusion of Gaia is far from a bad game, but to me it definitely feels like the weakest of the Quintet Trilogy.
To start with the positives, traveling through dungeons in this game is amazing. Clearing out rooms to unlock upgrades, and being able to switch forms to solve a handful of puzzles. It's definitely really fun! Though there were definite noticeable spikes of difficulty, the dungeon exploration never felt too frustrating, and no dungeon feels poorly designed.
But, man, the story suffers so much. Its ending is great, but the journey to get there doesn't really feel deserved. I read from another review that it was an issue of translation, and I hope that's the case. I can see how the story wants to go somewhere, and make you care for the main cast, but at least for me, it just doesn't seem to do that. I also think some of the early bosses were just... not good. The later half were all really good and fun bosses, but the first half just felt terrible. Which, is a bit odd y'know, since you'd expect the first half to be easier then the second half.
Now one last note is that this game has what can only really be called a lives system? It's odd, and I don't think it works all that well, because it doesn't actually feel worthwhile to gain new lives.
This game, even with its strengths, is probably my least favorite of the Quintet Trilogy. Which sucks because I see a whole lot of potential within it. Yet again Illusion of Gaia is far from bad, but I wish I could like it more.

this is a whole different experience using keyboard and mouse, in a good way
three of some of the best 3d metroidvania type games with killer atmosphere and music

This game is an absolutely masterpiece. I never saw a franchise move from one genre (adventure platforming) to another and retain the soul like this.
I overlooked Prime because I thought it didn't resemble what I loved about regular Metroid games, but I felt just like when playing Dread or Super Metroid, but now in 3d.
Retro is such a badass studio. Really pumped to play 4 and hoping for Echoes and Corruption ports at least

Rune Factory's first (and second to last, for now) trip to the big screen looks gorgeous. The characters feel somewhat more alive than some other titles in the series, the combat is simple and satisfying, farming fine enough and the main story is interesting - though a bit short for my liking.
My only real complaint is that the runey sistem gets messy really fast if you're not playing attention, with most of your in-game days being dedicated to mantaining the ecosystem. And you don't even get the full rewards for it, since a bug makes you get no bonuses at all if you have all areas in balance. If emulating, I recommend looking up the cheat that keeps all areas balanced. You're not gonna get the growth time bonuses, but it makes the game way more relaxing and enjoyable.

Opening song is a certified banger

good game. very good aesthetics. i wish i lived there

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