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Nov 27

Penguin Wars
Penguin Wars

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Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3
Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3

Nov 24

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PS1 Summer #3
I love the small-scale collectathon concept here, and although the movement is tank controls and the game is very easy, its worth a playthrough if you remember this wacky critter from Pizza Tower. In one of the early cutscenes, you can see a picture of (presumably) a dev and his wife flash on the top monitor on one of the news station clips; its always adorable when devs do that.

It's fascinating to see SBN3's take on a visual novel as someone who definitely hates the typical VN reader, it's kinda like outsider art. The ren'py engine usage here is lackluster, but the script is soulbro in peak form, and forcing autoplay to make sure the excellent VA work is delivering lines with the perfect comedic timing is a feature many VNs could benefit from.

PS1 Summer #2
For being very early on in the 3D era, Air Combat is still fun to control with an assortment of different-feeling real-life planes and varied objectives. Enemies are very hard to hit with normal fire if you're not approaching head-on, thankfully most planes have 60ish homing missiles to use instead.