Timberborn is a really fun game that suffers from a "district" concept that limits your build capability and separates resources into distinct pools that the beavers will not share.
An "outpost" that extends your supply chain(s) and build area would be vastly better. The districts concept really sucks the fun out of the society management sim and turns it into non-stop micromanagement. You will spend all your time past the first hour or two fiddling with your districts and trying to shuttle resources back and forth. It's very painful.
Sadly, I think districts are core to this game, but I hope the developers add some ability to toggle a setting where instead of new districts, you can simply extend the build area of your existing settlement.
This game is fun, and I recommend it, but I do so with a ton of hesitancy ONLY because of the districts mechanic. The game is quite good otherwise, probably ⭐⭐⭐⭐⚫ without districts (which you can mod out)!

Reviewed on Jun 12, 2022