It's Far Cry.
Climb towers, shoot boars and leopards, collect random gear, and capture enemy bases.
There's nothing ground-breaking here, and honestly there's nothing interesting here.
Giancarlo Esposito is a great actor underused (and used poorly) in this game, and there's very little to care about from him or anyone else.
When some secondary characters died in a major plot point, I was actually sad, but we all moved on very quickly.
This game is also optimized like absolute garbage.
EVGA FTW3 Ultra RTX 3090 Ti
Ryzen 7 3700X
2x32 GB DDR4-3600 CL16
HD pack installed
On Low settings, I was getting 70-80 fps. On Ultra settings, with ray tracing and every possible setting turned on (except DL upsampling or resolution downscaling), it was putting out anywhere from 30 to 70 fps. The GPU never exceeded 200W or 55% core utilization. My CPU never used more than 1 core at 20%. When I can get similar performance on Ultra and Low, something is wrong with the software.
Regardless of settings, I very frequently (more often than not) had extremely bad stuttering, input lag, and other annoying performance issues. Sometimes, restarting the game fixed this. Sometimes, restarting the game 2-5 times fixed this. Sometimes the only thing that would fix it was a full system reboot.
Initially, I thought that Logitech G HUB was the problem, because killing it solved these problems, but that wasn't reproducible, and stopping every non-critical background service or tray program running also didn't do anything.
Far Cry 6 just has a dramatic performance problem, and I can't believe it's not able to get >100fps@1080p on a 3090 Ti. It's frankly embarrassing.
Ultimately, I played this game because I wanted a single player shooter and the "fun" ones are breathtakingly few and far between. This scratched the itch, so in that regard it was a success, but even weekly "Insurgency" missions isn't even close to enough to keep me coming back.
Chorizo, though. Maybe Chorizo is enough to get me to come back.

Reviewed on Jul 25, 2022