TLDR; You get to kill big monsters, but by thinking instead of grinding.
Great game overall and one of my favorites. The ending still makes me mad, though.
- Minimalist approach in its gameplay and presentation. No unnecessary game mechanics
- Interesting story, world and lores for adult me to enjoy
- Simple & non-outrageous character and creature design
- Just right amount of game length, beat it in 23 hours
- Amazing soundtracks. Seriously, this game has tracklist of some of the best game soundtracks I've ever listened
- Annoying camera, just like in Ico.
- Weird challenge progression. There are difficult colossi in the early game, then easy one in midgame, then hard again, etc etc.
- I would like this game more if i can explore the world and discover the colossi by myself, instead being told to find them in order.

Reviewed on Mar 06, 2021