This game is so filled with soul I couldn't believe Google made it out of all companies. The sports game are fun and challenging. The RPG elements is simplistic but help adds depth to game's story and characters. And the animations are looking damn beautiful. My favorite sports are archery and marathon

Overall, an quite easy platformer. Most of the bosses are effortless to defeat. Only the last one gave me quite a fight. The challenge lies in the coin and item collection part. Movement feels different than other platformer I played, feel a bit rough and not as smooth. Maybe because a product of its time, but still pleasant to play. Wario is charming as character, and way cooler than Mario

Definitely must buy if you have PS3. Two of the classics by Team Ico/GenDesign/Fumito Ueda. I wish i can experience them for the first time again.

TLDR; You get to kill big monsters, but by thinking instead of grinding.

Great game overall and one of my favorites. The ending still makes me mad, though.

- Minimalist approach in its gameplay and presentation. No unnecessary game mechanics
- Interesting story, world and lores for adult me to enjoy
- Simple & non-outrageous character and creature design
- Just right amount of game length, beat it in 23 hours
- Amazing soundtracks. Seriously, this game has tracklist of some of the best game soundtracks I've ever listened

- Annoying camera, just like in Ico.
- Weird challenge progression. There are difficult colossi in the early game, then easy one in midgame, then hard again, etc etc.
- I would like this game more if i can explore the world and discover the colossi by myself, instead being told to find them in order.

This game is probably the blandest Mario main title I've ever played.
It isn't fun, but it isn't boring. It's no't good nor bad. I wasn't feeling happy but i wasn't feeling mad either.

I just fell nothing at all, It is always in the middle. And because of that, I'll rate it in the middle as well. 5/10.

Complete 100% with all items.

an almost perfect game. One of greatest game design i've ever played. Good graphics especially using the 3D effect of 3DS. Amazing sound effects and musics that really gives mysterious vibe that this game is intended to be. Challenging exploration and combats. Bosses are challenging but not too difficult. Once you learned their patterns, weak points and samus's abilities, you can defeat them.

Only downsides are the repetitive bosses and one stupid game mechanic that you need to know if you want to complete 1005 this game. this game mechanics was not hinted nor explained, making your only option to know is solely by pure luck, accident or look up on internet. (hint: red spikes).

Otherwise, it's really a solid game. If you like 2D action shooter or metroidvania, this game cannot be missed.


What I like:
- The story is simple but interesting
- Level design is great, every object and placement has a purpose
- The puzzle is balanced, not that hard but still challenging
- Yorda

What I don't like:
- The graphics are too dark, sometimes key objects such as doors or stairs are unnoticeable at first.
- Ico's control and camera placement are clumsy. Often result in death by falling off of a cliff
- The battle is annoying feels unnecessary