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At its strongest when pitting you against enemies with unpredictable behaviours... less so when visiting the same five planets on boomerang fetch quests.

Full of personality and satisfying gunplay, but let down by glitches, repetition, bloated menu screens, modern industry practices, and some truly bizarre design choices.

Has the potential to be excellent so I hope the devs keep supporting it.

On paper, this should've been the best 2D Mario game... but it was held back by being a Mario game.

This game is so innovative in its mechanics and ideas, and these are all fantastic. Naturally, some will be stronger than others, and for me, the worst ones were the core Mario ideas that have been around since forever. This game could've done better if it parted from its source and spread its own wings.

I was also disappointed by the variety of wonders and badges: specifically because there were too many and they're used too briefly. When you introduce a mechanic, there needs to be a learning curve and a chance to master it. But they're gone so quickly that they aren't mechanics anymore, just gimmicks.

It's a fun game in short arcadey bursts but not all of its ingredients meld well together. However, you can't call it stale, and I hope Nintendo continues to innovate like this... just rein it in a little next time.