Stuff just kinda happens but it was entertaining. Horror doesn't need to explain itself but more subtext (and less reliance on clichés like lab experiments) would've been nice.

Beautiful graphics and sound but unfortunately the gameplay took a serious dive. The controls are bad, collision is unreliable, the battle system is lacklustre, and the story is a repeat of the previous game. Unless you're really desperate to see Wayne and company again, there is no reason to play Hylics 2.

Didn't see the ending coming. As of writing, the world needs more narratives in games like this.
Gameplay is kind of wonky but since it's quite short, it's forgivable. It's a novel concept which is unfortunately bound to upset a few people sensitive to depictions of self-harm, but art should push boundaries.
Would've been perfect if not for a few awkward design choices, like the absolutely terrible checkpoint system.

I had low expectations for this one, so imagine my surprise when it turned out to be the best Metroidvania to date. It is cleverly crafted, tightly coded and honours Castlevania's legacy far better its parent company has as of late.
It is slightly hampered by its numerous callbacks to Symphony of the Night, but this was unavoidable as nostalgia was a draw for many of its backers. I hope that a sequel will set it free, and I look forward to whatever Iga and ArtPlay cook up next.

Lots of promise, looking forward to the finished version.

It was alright, could've been longer. I hope the dev returns to add more.

This game is janky as hell but I still had a blast with it.

Just a fun co-op survival game. Doesn't do anything you haven't already seen, but that's fine.

As of writing, I think this is the peak of all those stalker-based first-person indie games that started with Slender. It's tight, replayable, and has many unique gimmicks.

Charming and memorable. Not completely original but well made and worth the journey, topped off with several great ending songs.
Its biggest weakness is the Paper Mario segment, where the game's best aspect (the AI) takes a backseat to a world of quirky characters.

It suffers from the usual PS2-era shortcomings, such as frustrating puzzles and clunky combat, but there's no arguing that this an attractive psycho-thriller adventure. The narrative is creative and its world is vividly brought to life through excellent art and sound design.
It was quite controversial in its day but that reputation is entirely undeserved. Video games as a medium hadn't matured yet, as nothing you see here hadn't already been done in any other medium. This one deserves a remaster to earn the respect it deserves.