Of all the Souls-like games - including the Dark Souls series - this one is probably my favorite. That being said, I've gotten the shit kicked out of me a lot.

Very polished, for sure. Truly the definitive Hitman experience, and I'm sure the sequel does it even better. (I haven't touched it yet.)

Enjoyed the game when I played it.
Then I found out more about who made it.

It's very unique and fun... but also very challenging. A little too challenging for my tastes, I think. (Don't regret picking it up though.)

Probably my favorite AC standalone game. I don't look back on it as fondly as I do the Ezio trilogy, but I really do dig the Victorian setting and the Assassins in this game.

I got this once as a teenager thinking I'd get a pretty sweet shooter game with the edgiest Sonic character.

This was also the game that taught me Sonic games are pretty garbo.

I still have yet to touch the story DLCs to this game, but the base game is very solid and fun to play.

One of the most unique gaming experiences I've had. My first time playing a Hideo Kojima game, and let me tell you... it did not disappoint. There's a very interesting gameplay system here, and the cinematic presentation of the setting, the story, and the characters are breathtaking and super thought-provoking.

I made the mistake of getting this game, thinking it'd offer a nicely fleshed out character creator and a game that was fun to play.

Didn't know it'd be riddled with cringe attempts at humor, and an insufferable main character.

This is where Assassin's Creed ends for me. I love the closure given to Ezio and Altair, and I love how they handled Desmond in this title. I refuse to play AC3 because I know how it ends and how it's not satisfying at all.

I can appreciate it as its own thing. It's got nothing on the classic series, but it has its positives.

Always good to pop on every once in a while. The story's solid enough, but the real meat and potatoes is in the gameplay, which is fun as fuck.

Great story, great villains, great lore. Amazing expansion all-around.

Aside from an amazing soundtrack and a final boss that I still think about to this day, this expansion is... pretty forgettable.