The BEST remake nintendo has ever done, unless I'm forgetting something lol.


I cried
This game has incredible art design and themes. Gameplay is a bit lackluster, but the art sticks with me to this day

It is INSANE how much story could be told just from unpacking things from boxes. This game is incredibly clever and very relaxing. Do recommend this indie title for sure!

Reminiscent of old flash games I used to play at school when I was a wee lad. This game has some great polish and rewards skill and expertise.
I've played this game on and off for a few months at this point and I have to say that they have made some great QOL changes over time. I really enjoy just playing a run or two whenever I need a lil downtime. Big fan of this entry.

One of, if not my favorite Fire emblem game. The balancing is great and the grind for better units is easy and intuitive. I sunk many hours into this game while on the road for work. Big fan of everything done here.

This game is witty, creative, and well balanced. MY brothers and I spent countless hours on this title, just playing it non-stop. What a game.

When I was a kid this game was running ads pretty much targetted at me. I would go on the minish cap website and read every little snippet they put out.
When I got the game I obsessed over it for days and days. I ended up absolutely demolishing it, being the first zelda game I would 100% complete. Nostalgia and all, this is one of my favorite zelda games and one of my favorite games of all time.

One of the better kirby games to come out in a while. Great music and gameplay. 100%ing the game is actually a challenge and kept me interested for a while. Definitely a must-play for any kirby fan.

very generic game that reminds me of old flash games. Gets old quickly. Weird how it took off so well.

A great game. A not-so-great zelda game.
I had the privilege of getting this game on day one. I bought the collectors edition. I was extremely extremely excited for this one. The final trailer they put out for the game still gives me chills, top 3 videogame trailers of all time. Looking back, I maybe went too hard on it when I first got it. I was losing sleep and was not a kid anymore. So I rushed through it the first time, demolishing it, not taking time to stop and smell the flowers.
Second time around was master mode and full DLC. I noticed something: This game is a real treat and I am tired of open world games. It's not just that they are way too large in scope and design, but they are also incredibly empty. Every game is boasting on how large their map is but it makes me want to play it less. It's too much. Maybe as I age I'm finding I pine for concise games with brevity. That being said, drinking in the atmosphere carefully crafted by the game designers is unmatched. What a beautiful world created here. The game is so committed to it's idea and scope that Nintendo pulled this one off, to an extent.
I think being a lifelong Zelda fan hurts my perception of this title. The game is great, but in terms of how - Z e l d a - it is, the game is lacking on multiple fronts. Foremost is the music. While the music fits the scope of the game's vision and is beautiful in its own respects, BotW is a step backwards in terms of legacy and connection to the Legend it claims to be a part of. It is a void in the space of magnificence.
Now, I have a respect for how storytelling is told in an open-world game and how each studio may do it differently, but god did they do a poor job with it in this title. I did not quite understand the subtext and supportive story after collecting the memories and reading through zelda's journal and everything. I had to later watch a synopsis on youtube literal years later to actually wholly understand what was going on. I understand there is something to be said for the subtlety of this game in general. Most of the world is subtle and hiding under the surface, waiting to be explored. But damn, please don't do it to the main narrative. It IS a good story. I LIKE the story. They just needed to tell it in a better way.
I could go on about the dungeons or whatever you want to call them. Shrines. I did all of them and they were fun. Some better than others. They didn't have that Zelda magic which is fine. They were just fine.
At the end of the day, the game is fun. It is a good game. It's huge in game and out of game. It was culturally explosive around the world. I do not think it is perfect though. I do not trust people who give it 10/10, 5/5, perfect no notes. I do however like having them around because sometimes you need a pal with blind optimism.

Drummer's perspective:
Don't really care too much for metallica but god were the drum songs fun to play on this game. I also got the double bass pedal extension so I could play expert+. Incredible sweaty summers in front of the CRT going hard on the guitar hero drums.

This is from a drummer's perspective:
This game was great. The drumset was leagues better than rock band's. The improvement with guitar hero's was mostly the vinyl bounce back of the drums. This made it feel way better to play on. The setlist was great imo, and only got better with dlc. It was great to play with my brothers or by myself. I loved this game so much. I barely played the guitar, if at all. I was all drums baby.

Incredible game. Ridiculous amount of replayability. Insane value.

This review contains spoilers

Incredible story told over some really engaging gameplay elements. Great enemy and environmental variety. Art wise, this game had it all. Between the music, sound design, graphics, voice acting, and writing -- they did this right. The side quests were engaging and thought out, aside from some fetch quests. I think the ending felt a bit rushed, story-wise. The final boss was also incredibly easy. I'm not sure if I was overpowered or not, but I kind of folded them up. An almost perfect game with a shaky landing.

One of the all time greats from the gamecube era, remade to look even more stunning. I forgot how good this game was, as I had last played it when I was a lil 12 year old. This is truly how to do a remake/remaster. $40 is a reasonable price also.
Unequivocally a 5/5 game.