played on iphone, free lol

really fun with friends, but really terrible solo. also probably one of the most accessible games out there. even my most technologically illiterate friends are able to get the rules down in a couple of rounds.

started playing in 2020

pretty much exclusively play creative mode and yeah its kinda fun. though i wish people would stop filling lobbies with lousy 1v1 maps. and when there is a team vs map its always one with some dumb 40x damage secret

2020, used from gamespot for $1.99

purely singleplayer review since servers are dead. I like big empty levels and this game delivers on that front, but everything else is kinda eh

2020, epic games giveaway

breeze though the main story. it's less than two hours and is the weakest part of the game. it does the tropey 'why are you playing this game' thing not very well, though i appreciate the hackerman aesthetic. you can't even replay levels or access the challenges, the fun part, until you beat the campaign

played sometime 2016, from some giveaway

remembered how many arguments came from people calling this not a game or a walking simulator. Kinda true, but its more like a click and point game in 3D. Also still kinda liked it but needs more spooky uncle

played 2020, from epic games giveaway

a fun atmospheric puzzler, similar to portal. levels feel like walking through windows backgrounds. also i'm a sucker for games that narrate the events leading up to the end of the world. the philosophy felt kinda wishy washy but it still introduced interesting ideas. protip: keep your button on the fast forward key and dont let go