way too much to comment on so just gonna do this in point form

- the camera is horrible in all three games. it floats around like it's constantly on ice. the locked camera during certain bosses/etc also gets really annoying when trying to locate ammo/etc
- the motion blur is fucking awful and headache inducing, thankfully it can be disabled but it shouldn't exist in the first place
- spyro's controls themselves are a bit floaty, but not that bad
- many of the remastered character designs are awful creepy disney knockoff abominations (especially fairies and "humans"). some are okay though

spyro 1:
- the flight stages are god awful. they should not exist
- thieves are purely a nuisance and add nothing
- the (instant death!) water everywhere is super annoying
- some glides are stupidly precise
- while i do like the collectathon nature of things, the stages doesn't feel like they have grounded objectives
- tree tops sucks dick and can rot in hell
- 5/10

spyro 2:
- the flight stages are still god awful
- kinda annoying that cutscenes play every time you enter and leave, and challenges reset
- so glad that water is just a thing now and not deadly for no reason. but also the swimming controls are fucked beyond belief
- much more grounded objectives, which were mostly okay-ish
- surprisingly buggy, often broken text boxes and random lighting and draw distance issues
- gulp is an absolutely garbage boss
- 6.5/10

spyro 3:
- so glad they got rid of the stage cutscenes, and also really glad that the stages don't completely reset every time you enter
- the stages in general are the best designed of the trilogy for sure, with a few exceptions
- the flying stages are actually not that bad somehow!! but the hidden minigames in them are all really bad and control miserably. game would still be better without them entirely
- i liked the gameplay variety with the extra characters, though most of them felt pretty sluggish and a bit awkward to control
- several of the egg challenges are still really, really miserably awful. notably, every skateboard area. final area snowboard zone is the glitchiest most bullshit part of the entire game. also the whack a mole thing was awful
- sparx stages kinda suck
- lost fleet is a horrible stage
- haunted tomb is terrible
- the camera when controlling agent 9 is the absolute worst. also why does he look like the en eff tee monkey i hate it
- by far the glitchiest of the 3 games too somehow. some parts should never have passed QA. felt like i was constantly fighting against the collision detection, randomly getting stuck and so on. the text boxes were somehow even glitchier than in 2, over half of them i couldn't even read and had to rely on the voice acting.
- 7/10

overall, averaging the three games, 6/10 for the trilogy. i haven't played the originals so i can't compare, but the games all just have too many really terrible moments for me to say i thoroughly enjoyed them, even if i did quite enjoy many parts of them.

this was very much a "just okay" game. the core concept is great, it's mostly the execution that flops for me. many of the puzzle stages feel very arbitrary either in the actual objective (which is often unnecessarily cryptic) or in the rules of the given stage (i.e. what you are allowed to kill, what is allowed to be destroyed, etc). i also felt that many of the more creative potential solutions to puzzles were either not rewarded at all or just completely didn't work when they reasonably should have. the action stages are differently flawed, in that many of them feel like repeats of the same thing, or are just big mazes, or are literally just puzzle stages with gates. some other minor issues as well: collision detection is fairly buggy, and a number of times i ended up stuck in walls or had unfair glitched deaths; also, for puzzle stages especially, it was annoying to not be able to see the hint (which often contains necessary information!) again without resetting the stage.
overall not a bad game, but has a ton of room for improvement, which i hope is more realized in the sequels. 5/10

i liked this slightly more than ff1 lol. there are definitely flaws to the exp system but i like what they were going for at least conceptually; it's solid at low levels but the curve for high levels is really absurd. luckily none of that is even necessary, since the majority of the leveling you need to progress is easily acquired just by engaging all the encounters. unfortunately the game is also somehow way too easy; none of the bosses posed a threat whatsoever, and pretty much all of my deaths were from regular enemies, which was pretty disappointing. aside from a couple strangely timed missables i didn't find anything too cryptic, which was nice. i find it kind of hilarious that each new fourth party member gets killed off and the rest of the characters just act like they never even existed to begin with, almost like it was just used as an excuse to force your party to change lol. i didn't mind that part too much but it probably could have been executed better.
i certainly wouldn't call this a "great" game but i don't think it deserves to be called "bad" either. 7.1/10

i think this might be peak ace attorney. the story is weaved so tightly around each case in a way that stands out even compared to the likes of t&t, and it is combined with a ton of great new characters with SO MUCH dimension to them. and so many of them are relevant to the entire plot instead of being relegated to one case and forgotten. i also really love the (initial) antagonists' arcs in the last two cases. and the overall morals feel much more strongly defined than any other game in the series; edgeworth's self-discovery felt very real and grounded, and the relevant characters to that path made it that much stronger. it's also insane how high quality the fan localization is - aside from a few minor things, it felt completely on par with the official localizations of previous titles. the single thing i wish this game had was a fast text option, since waiting for text to advance can feel quite slow as a fast reader, but even with that i was so enthralled by the later half of the game i barely even noticed it after that point. this game is just crazy good. 10/10

about what i expected. very meh. not strictly unenjoyable or anything, but the stages are very much like step n' roll in that they are mostly about being big and mazelike rather than fun arcade-y challenges that the series is known and revered for; this also makes the game very easy and very short with very little replay value. blah. 3/10

This review contains spoilers

riven is definitely an improvement over myst in pretty much every way. the navigation is way smoother just by nature of better scene transitions and the more readable pointer, though i do think it would be still improved with actual movement since it can still be pretty easy to get directionally misguided or just miss important things outright while trying to regain bearings. the world itself felt significantly more intricate and detailed which i really enjoyed, and the visual storytelling is a vast improvement (although there is still plenty of lore dumping); i liked occasionally coming across scenes during exploration even if they had no bearing on the puzzles at all; the voiced scenes really need subtitles though because especially with the existence of the other language it can sometimes be hard to tell if the voices are supposed to be english or not. the atmosphere and MUSIC are also super, super good, even with the limitations of the time. as for the puzzles themselves, i thought they were much better crafted for the most part, which is somewhat helped by the larger world. there were only a couple things i took issue with in that regard (which i suspect are not uncommon): for one, i think the game could have been significantly clearer in regard to the whole animal puzzle; i enjoyed finding the animal shapes once i knew what to look for, but the link between "eyes" and "animal shapes" is kind of a big leap to make without any guidance, and even then it's a bit annoying that even that is inconsistent, with two of them not even fitting the pattern. the other thing i found a bit annoying was the dome puzzle requiring actual guesswork wrt the prison island, which seemed pretty out of place in juxtaposition with the rest of the game. on the other hand though, i really enjoyed figuring out the number system, which was actually probably my biggest "lightbulb moment" in either game haha. and to be clear - i loved that the animal and dome puzzles made use of the entire world in really cool ways - i just think the final execution could have been better.
as a whole - i definitely had fun with this and it definitely deserves "classic" status; like myst, i think i'll probably appreciate it more retrospectively, watching someone else play it and having the full context, and just generally being able to talk about it, but on its own, a very solid 8/10!


This review contains spoilers

i'm glad i got to finally experience this classic, though it is definitely severely dated in many ways. my biggest issue really is the general navigation, which is very inconsistent and rough; i get the limitations of the time but man even just looking around the way you want or going in the direction you want is a major hassle sometimes. i also feel like the game would have benefitted significantly from even a tiny tutorial or introduction instead of just throwing you in with no context; i do like the natural discovery of various things but nothing really "clicked" until i had to look up hints and figured out what the actual goal was, and that just feels like bad design to me, especially when the majority of the story is shoved into one massive exposition dump that isn't technically even mandatory. just feels really sloppy in that regard. as for the puzzles themselves, i did enjoy a good portion of them; most of the ages were pretty decent but were dragged down by one or two nuisances. pretty much all of the "main island" puzzles i thought were good except for the elevator thing which still makes very little sense to me. the stoneship age was pretty good, but the hidden passageway was borderline impossible to find, even trying to click literally everywhere. the mechanical age was pretty basic, but it was very frustrating not being able to see how the tower is moving without tediously going back and forth and back and forth. the selenitic age is probably my favorite except for the maze, which isn't that hard to navigate but is sooooooo dang slow and mind-numbing. channelwood is probably my least favorite age, pretty much everything about it i disliked; navigating the paths was a total nightmare, which also made figuring out the puzzles that much more tedious, especially on the upper levels (i basically had to permanently cross-reference the map to get anywhere), and maybe i'm just dumb but it took me an incredibly long time to figure out that you had to close the door before using the elevators, which is honestly pretty dumb when every other elevator in the game does that part for you. ANYWAY it sounds like a lot of complaining but i did actually enjoy the game to some extent; mostly i look forward to playing the sequel(s) since this sets up a lot of potential and i've heard a number of times that riven is an improvement!!

myst gets a solid 5/10 from me, definitely not a bad game and very clear why it is a classic, but it had a few too many problems for me to give it much higher than that. i am hopeful that riven will blow that out of the water, though!

i love edgeworth but this game is very much carried by the last two cases lol. the first three are pretty tedious and just serve as setup for the ending really. but i did very much enjoy those last two; turnabout ablaze is probably in my top 3 ace attorney cases, i loved how long and elaborate it was without ever being boring, and the reveals were pretty satisfying, although i do hate calisto with all my heart. i grew to like the other recurring characters a whole lot by the end, though, especially badd and kay (and lang, to some extent). i think this format works best with longer cases, since one of my main problems with the earlier cases is that almost all of the case-specific characters end up with not enough development time and feel pretty one-dimensional for the most part; i do think the format is fun though and i look forward to eventually getting around to the sequel to see how they improve on it.
i did enjoy the game overall; with everything in consideration i think it's a solid 7/10

this was my first kirby game in a long time, but i'm really glad i played it. the levels are pretty much all great, with lots of variety in both theming and in gameplay. really liked the ability upgrade progression, and the trials were a cool and (mostly) fun way to show them off. some of the target times are absolutely miserable to get though, kinda disappointed they don't count for anything except a few coins for how much of a challenge they are. it's pretty stupid that the fucking gacha of all things counts for more than they do. mouthful mode was a great (if slightly disturbing) addition, except for the car which controls like a nightmare. the postgame is where the game really shines though; the challenge is great, and the collection aspect is way more fun than the missions in the main game. like i don't hate the missions but it's really annoying that they aren't all revealed at once, especially for the bosses with super arbitrary conditions. they could have just done the soul collection thing with the waddle dees i think and it would have been awesome. the postgame bosses are great too, pretty much all of them except sillydillo were really enjoyable, and especially chaos elfilis was incredibly interesting and fun (and challenging!).
overall i'm definitely impressed, here's hoping kirby continues along this style because i would buy the sequel to this immediately. 9.5/10

this game is a masterpiece in pretty much every way. one of the greatest pieces of media i have ever experienced. it's hard to put into words how GOOD this game is without spoiling literally everything but like. man. the writing is excellent all around; it strikes a great balance overall of humor and seriousness, and each on their own delivers hard. the jokes pretty much all land and are rewarding for the extra effort of looking at everything, and the serious parts feel extremely real, especially when dealing with trauma, grief, etc. (annihilation route, dude...). i was also like shocked constantly at how well all the twists are set up; they hit hard and yet never feel forced or nonsensical; it's insane how many times i was like "there's no way it can get even more crazy" and then was immediately proven wrong. even with all the different routes, the way information was spread across them that allows the player to piece more and more of the story together without one particular route (until the end) being more important... and then everything falling into place.. was just so damn good. and the true ending/credits are wild (in the best way). i don't think i've ever seen a video game top everything off the way this one did with the credits but it was such a fitting and emotional way to finish. ALSO unrelated to the writing at all but the gameplay is really good too!! i loved the somniums, the mechanics were fun and unique and there was SO MUCH care and detail put into every single one of them. i had only heard good things about this game before playing it but it still way exceeded my expectations.. i can't wait for the sequel, i don't know if it can possibly top this one but if it does then holy shit. because this is one of the easiest 10/10's ever

this was such a refreshing experience!!! i pretty much loved everything about it, from the catching to the exploration to the boss fights... well most of them, anyway. the music (even though it's mostly/all remixes) is maybe some of the best game freak has ever put out; ichinose has been on the absolute top of his game lately. the graphics i don't care about, they look fine for what the game is. the character models and expressions are adorable, and the clothing options are excellent. i loved having a pokemon game where catching everything was the actual goal and was actually feasible to do; pretty much every change to the battle system and to the way evolutions, moves, etc. work is a plus that i hope carries over to the next main generation. honestly my only real complaint is that some of the boss fights (especially the last few) are too hard to read/react to and do not give you enough health, but the mechanics themselves are fun and i generally still enjoyed the bosses; i would definitely not complain if pokemon leaned even more into the action rpg genre in the future. sorry this is super stream of consciousness but UHH yeah i hope we get to see more in the "legends" series, this was a blast. 9.7/10

This review contains spoilers

this game blew all of my expectations completely out of the water, honestly. it's somehow an improvement on the previous games in nearly every possible way. there wasn't a single character i outright disliked, and i feel like there were so many strong personalities in this game compared to the previous two that it really made the conversational dialogue shine to new heights; the training group was one of the biggest highlights for sure and i especially liked watching maki and kaito's relationship transform throughout the later chapters. kokichi alone is also possibly the most interesting character in the entire series, and his dynamic with both miu and keebo was fantastic. even the monokubs i thought were a really fun addition to the villain cast (though they took a bit of time to grow on me). characters aside, i also thought the actual cases were more fun and unique overall, especially with twists like in the 5th trial. and on the subject of trials... they're also the best in the series BY FAR - both of the first two games had serious issues with the trial minigames being anywhere from mediocre to pure misery, with few exceptions; in this game pretty near every minigame is at minimum enjoyable, if not very much so. the regular debates are made more interesting via more inspired text movement and the lie mechanic (which is SO MUCH BETTER than the flashback bullshit from the first two games). the mass panic debates are simple but cute. armament argument is EASILY the best iteration of the rhythm minigame. psyche taxi is just plain fun. mind mine is mostly whatever but it's not misery or anything. new hangman's gambit is nothing special but definitely way better than 2's (though the correct words were still sometimes a bit bullshit). v3's closing argument is also easily the best iteration of it. the only one i can say i dislike is the debate scrum, since there's no way to discern the "correct" word without either failing or letting the entire script run through, and it kind of lacked substance in general. there's also of course still some weird logic throughout the game but i didn't find it nearly as sketchy as either of the previous games. the whole game really does feel like a fitting conclusion to the trilogy, both in gameplay and story. i have heard from multiple sources that the ending is hotly debated but i really enjoyed it, even if i don't think the mastermind was a very interesting character for the most part - and i don't mind that, since in the end that was kind of a secondary reveal anyway. but yeah, this is easily my favorite of the trilogy and just a phenomenal game overall; even if i have some minor issues, this is definitely a 10/10 for me

man, where do i even start lol.
the story and characters are outstanding, leagues ahead of the first game. that said, i think it would not be nearly as effective without the setup from the entire first game, so it's hard to judge it purely on its own merits. frankly though, i loved pretty much every beat of the story, and the twists/reveals/tie-ins near and at the end were actually way more satisfying than i expected them to be; if i was judging the game on that alone it'd probably be a solid 10. but of course then there are the trials. luckily the minigames are still a quite minor part of the experience, but pretty much all of them are significantly worse than the originals (or just plain bad). the new hangmans gambit is so awful i don't know how it even got through testing. panic talk action is way too cluttered so it's way harder to focus on anything that isn't just the timing indicators. the new "consent" mechanic in the debates is usually just confusing and felt wholly unnecessary. the rebuttal minigame, as well as the increased number of truth bullets in general, highlight a really annoying flaw that was present in the original too, which is just... there's no time to actually think, and no mechanism provided to the player to actually inspect the relevant information without a tedious stream of pausing, unpausing, checking which things are available, possibly writing things down, etc.; even if the game just showed like a little checkmark in the truth bullets menu next to the active ones, that would be a massive improvement. luckily new closing argument and logic dive were actually quite fun; logic dive does have the same problem of no time to think though, especially when it hits you with questions you have zero possible way of predicting and expects you to pick the right answer with absurd speed. BUT as much as i can go on and on about how bad the minigames are, they are again such a minor factor that they had a minimal impact on my overall experience. ultimately a great game.

from the perspective of someone who has never played a final fantasy game, and especially no other version of ff1:

i enjoyed this way more than i thought i would honestly. like you can obviously tell it's an old game and they hadn't quite refined the formula yet but it's enjoyable in its simplicity. i was surprised at how easy the progression was to follow, aside from the airship (fuck the airship) there wasn't much i found too cryptic. the difficulty is really unbalanced but i mean it was an nes game so it went more smoothly than i expected. there also isn't really a story but again it's an nes game lol. the port itself definitely has a few issues; the font choice is absurd but at least it's easily modded, cursor memory being off by default is stupid (why is that even an option??), the bestiary being on the title screen and inaccessible in-game was very annoying, achievements not activating until after a battle for no clear reason is super wack, etc. overall though it's a good game and port, the remastered music is fantastic and i look forward to playing the others eventually. 7/10

This review contains spoilers

what a game. i'm glad i went in completely unspoiled, i definitely get why ppl say even the tiniest thing could ruin the experience. story and cast are obviously the highlights, i really liked all the characters pretty much all the way through and even when the story beats and twists were sort of predictable they were still supplemented with enough surprises and mystery to keep things really interesting. obviously can't ignore the couple big blatant "problematic" things; they didn't really take away from the game for me but i still got a little uncomfortable every time they said "he" after that reveal (which i'm sure there are many many long discussions to be had about, but i'm no authority on that). the gameplay itself is pretty rudimentary but for the most part is not bad; the trial minigames grew on me more as the game went on, though a couple of the threads of logic are reeeeal thin and the flashback mechanic was really annoying. the moving around controls are also kinda clunky but it's a minor inconvenience at worst. honestly my biggest gripe is that the blood is pink lmfao, great game, can't wait to play the sequel(s), 9/10