Really fun time if you like games that are good. mid 2000s Cartoon Network ass game

one of the games that remind me i love vibeo games

the map screen music alone added 2 stars

a game w pretty decently cool system mechanics but buttons/a chaining system that makes me feel like my pad was plunged into a honey tank. also the lore and chars kinda stink

this game's writing is too funny bad to get mad at it

i played this instead of vampire savior bc i was annoyed by it (i was broke)


kinda cool dude puncher until you pass the second boss and then the game nosedives into an gas station that doubles as a nuclear reactor

objectively this game sucks but i have too much teenage nostalgia of this game to rate it poorly

One of the best dude punchers to ever do it

please for the love of god play underground instead

same game with worse humor and now they're using chars from the good river city game