Hi, I'm sleepy. You can call me Sleepy.
I like crafting/sandbox/survival games.
I'm also obsessed with mods.
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I really tried to love this game, to even just like it.
The graphics were lovely, character creation was really nice. Scenes, themes, controls- all great.
But it just. kept. going.
I played this with a friend through their account and by the time we got to some icey place- we were both miserable and bailed.
We both lamented how it could have really been good if it wasn't so long and there was actual progression in the story line.
Honestly I have no idea how long the game goes on before there's evidence that the couple might start to get along.
I was also heavily against the message that forcing two people who are old enough to make their own choices stay together against their will might just in fact be a fix for them.
I was frustrated and felt terrible for both of them the entire playthrough.
If someone would ask me if I'd recommend this game- I'd grimace at them and turn away to leave them to their own devices.

This was a fantastic concept.
However the execution was terribly lacking ):
My friends and I grew bored faster than we imagined we would.

I used to live on this game.
This was the first game to really drag me into the whole "gamer" scene.
I used to love it.
And then I found out about how Starbound came to be and the people that were taken advantage of.
I refuse to recommend it to anyone and hope that one day the people who were taken advantage of and used get the pay and respect that they deserve.