Forspoken: open about its cosmopolitanism, overtly cringe, ironically reactionary, people fucking hate it
Hi-Fi Rush: basically a RWBY episode made in Japan and written by some guy named John


Did you know Omori is short for Omorashi? It's true.

One of the best games to ever take place in Pennsylvania.

Didn't play but videogames have to be a little bit sexy to be good.

Still one of the best works of art about Death in the 2010s along with Dark Souls not that that's really saying much it was a cultural trough.

Something I noticed playing Halo is that western games try as hard as possible to make you feel like you're killing sentient lifeforms while eastern games strive for the opposite. Halo in particular just dehumanizes the enemies by making them aliens but it's clear that Grunts and child-coded, Elites and Brutes are Arab and African Muslims respectively, etc.
Japanese games on the other hand are more akin to the Rape of Nanking where the enemies are dehumanized to the extent of barely being sentient so the massacre can be entirely denied.
Good game.

Arguably the best work of art ever made about the war in Iraq.

America making RPGs "for women": game for boys with a girl protag (Horizon Zero Dawn, Last of Us 2, Tomb Raider 2013).
Japan making RPGs for women: OPEN WORLD DRESS UP ADVENTURE

Fun as a teen boy who just finished his homework but unplayable for a grown ass woman.

Empathy is so rare in the LiS universe it's considered a superpower.

Localizers have literally ONE JOB.

Potentially one of the greatest games to ever grace the N-Gage at its peak.