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Though not as good as Yakuza 0, still a fun game in its own right. Takes a lot longer to get into than 0, but it pays off in dividends storywise. Also Majima's everywhere, so watch out for that I guess.

It's been said already, this game is NOT worth enormous amount of money that it goes for, but this game does hold a rare distinction, along with Little Samson, in being a /great/ rare game. It's a cute 'em up with great characters and interesting, unique options for your ship- I mean, broom.

Emulate it, play it on Turbo Everdrive, or get a repro.

A basic but fun platformer with very good music as you'd expect from a Hudson game. Along with Bruce Lee on the C64, it's probably the best celebrity-endorsed video game.

Just beat all the enemies and get to the exit. Easier said than done.

Your prototypical dungeon crawler (it's in the name). As a single player game, it's been done better in games like Gauntlet and pretty much all dungeon crawlers that came after. However, as a multiplayer experience, it's a fun outing that gives you a blank canvas in which to have a mini D&D session.

A fun little action/puzzle game that's even better in multiplayer mode, where you can play an intense game of dodgeball with your buddy.

Great Sonic-like game with fun characters.

Even on its hardest difficulty, this game isn't nearly as difficult as Kaboom, which it is very similar to, except the screen fills up with yolk and you get to throw the eggs back at the chicken.

First of all, you gotta get a working paddle controller. Once you do, grab a friend. Play on nothing less than the highest difficulty.

Your goal is to diffuse the cheery bombs the Mad Bomber at the top of the screen throws at you. You have three tiny, tiny buckets of water to put out the fuse. Each time you miss a bomb, you lose a bucket. The more bombs you catch, the faster the bomber gets. And once you get past about 600 points, the Mad Bomber goes berserk and starts throwing the bombs faster than even Sonic the Hedgehog could probably catch them. Once you lose all three buckets, KABOOM! All the bombs detonate. See how many you and a friend can get, and see who can get more.

If you like Skiing on the Atari 2600, you'll love this, because it's basically the same game (but with a Yeti)

If you like SkiFree on Windows 95, you'll love this because it's basically the same thing.

Basically a game where you try and beat your previous record, and nothing more. You play it in less than 10 seconds a session, and you really gotta jerk that joystick just right. It's fun to play two player and see who can get the best time.

Probably the least effective Activision release on the 2600, but it's not terrible either.

is it the best fishing game?

is it a good fishing game on the atari