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tdstr finished Fortnite: Chapter 4 - Season 2: Mega
still incredibly fun and they really jumped onto the furry pandering this season lol which is a net positive for me, but i do sadly have to dock half a star for the augments being pretty lame for a good portion of the season, them vaulting trios randomly for like 2 weeks, and getting rid of a couple things i really liked from season 1 (most notably the big chests and hammers)
as for new stuff: big city is not actually that big, rails were super overhyped until they added them to more than one city like 2/3s of the way through lol, but the new locations on the edges of the map were cool. not huge on the sword here, especially post-nerf, its useless as a melee and there are better movement options. DMR was mad powerful this season, as someone who runs it it was cool but it does make playing against console players on no-build kind of annoying due to the auto-aim they get. i think the aim assist is designed for build so its super overcompensated and at midrange console players will just laser you if youre doing the normal peek shooter shit. i dont know if they buffed it this season or if i only noticed it with the DMR and laser-sight AR being good this time or what but i noticed it a lot more this time than last season
otherwise, lots of events throughout but nothing too crazy, they keep adding back the spider-man grapples in different ways and the star wars stuff wasnt particularly fun to play with, with the lightsabers being kinda cool for movement but the guns being lame peashooter overwatch ass projectile shit. probably woulda been crazy if i was someone who liked star wars or spider-man or attack on titan though but that goes for most big fortnite crossovers lol. they need to add kiryu in c4s3 and continue adding non-canid furries thanks

4 hrs ago

tdstr finished Friends vs. Friends
Fun enough but it's really brought down by the progression system which is still really slow even after the hotfix which made it quicker. It's like they made an f2p game with microtransactions to speed things up but then stripped out the microtransactions. Core of the game is still fun though, even if I do wish that there was a quicker way to get access to more cards and characters

3 days ago

tdstr completed Obey! The Game
It's a flash game so it has an effective interest of about 10 minutes but it's still a neat diversion for that time. WarioWare-likes are definitely better with more than 15 or so microgames though

4 days ago

tdstr finished Midnight Ghost Hunt
It's prop hunt.
GMod's is better, but i guess you can play this if you somehow don't have GMod?? Fun for like an hour with a group of friends before you get tired of people leaving early if they don't get on the prop team and other broadly janky netcode. And for a game that is currently free on Epic, an hour of entertainment is all it needs to be. Can't imagine paying 20 bucks for it though

6 days ago

tdstr finished Meeblings
Lots of nostalgia novelty value here but the actual game here is honestly pretty bad lol. Gave up like 34/50 levels in.
Every puzzle is generally comically easy, but the execution of these solutions is either similarly easy, or so finnicky and precise and down to physics engine luck that even one "mistake" (which often happens due to a Meebling bouncing in an unexpected way considering they are a weird offset egg shape) can cost you a full restart, no inbetween. This might not seem bad for a flash game but considering how patient you have to be in slowly tapping the pushes and pulls it can be much more frustrating than I care to bother with on a random 4 AM nostalgia trip. Add to this a seemingly completely random difficulty curve (it was not uncommon to be stuck on the mechanical execution of one level for 5-10 minutes and breeze through the next 3 in 10 seconds each) and yeah this kinda sucks

8 days ago

tdstr finished Milk inside a bag of milk inside a bag of milk

This review contains spoilers

Neat that it exists but that can also be said of many other bite-sized games/VNs/art projects and such. Don't really have anything to say about this one

8 days ago

tdstr wants Humanity

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