9s and 10s Ranked

not gonna rank every one of my games but i am gonna rank the important ones
they're all 9s and 10s, so they're all extremely good games
ordering definitely not set in stone, i end up swapping around the first few a lot since they're all very good and hard to rank against one another
edit june 4 2021: the ordering is falling apart at the seams all of these games are so freaking awesome i am finding it very troubling to rank them meaningfully
edit september 23 2022: ok i think im happy with the top 3 at least, the rest is like vaguely right and thats the best ill get


[joke 1]
[joke 2]
[joke 3]

-> [joke 1]
the worst combo of genre tags ever conceived underflow to create the greatest game ever conceived. pretty fucked up how it works that way!
-> [joke 2]
this is exactly what growing up in arizona was like
-> [joke 3]
i spent 30 hours Reading echo but without my knowledge or permission it stuck a parasite in my brain and now a good 50% of my brain activity on a daily basis is burned on this gay furry visual novel i havent even played in over half a year. so actually while the read time is 30 hours the brain time is forever


second best game about a group of friends in a small town reuniting after years apart (with a tragic event in their past that initially drove them away from one another) that also starts out very saccharine on a surface level and veers into psychological horror (but not in a way where you would need to be blind on that aspect of the game for it to work)
this is the serialized wholesome furry webcomic of indie games and i am here for it. also ruminations on being an artist/creator? hell yea!
its fuckin undertale what do you want me to say
being able to cheese the third death in each set is a good mechanic, actually!!!
has a lot of really bizarre pacing problems but when its good its like transcendentally good so who cares
people play earthbound after playing one of a myriad of other earthbound-inspired indies but honestly most of them share more blood with this than earthbound. great characters, great story, best gameplay in the series, yada yada you know the gist
ok part of why i think this is good to me is because its really the first piece of furry media i engaged with and something really clicked, there. like even in its weaker sections it just floats by and is a great time. played enough to know that starting pair does matter and don't go for a player water starter sorry but it makes some areas a pain in the ass, my playthrough as squirtle had a lot of very strange difficulty spikes and valleys everywhere but my playthrough with shinx was butter smooth
rantaro amami is ace coded and the ending is the best knife twist realized in any spike chunsoft cinematic universe game ever, do i need to say more?
the danganronpa game for people who like danganronpa who say "i hate danganronpa"
journey sucks this is what a good walking sim looks like
How Before Your Eyes BREAKS YOU! (it's because the game dries your eyes out and makes it easier to cry so you do)
worlds most insane person ever claims "its like a whole star better than the base game! for real! trust me!"
this poisons you because the majima sections are more fun than the kiryu sections and then every future game you cant play as majima
the world needs more FMV vns
yeah its good yeah its the best valve game yeah its not as deep or funny as i thought it was at 12 but its still like so fucking solid front to back anyways
my most normal person opinion? the internet-ascribed best jrpg is actually very freaking good? no way...
"You seem different from the other security guys. Like you have even less emotions somehow. Haha just fucking with you bro."
takes a bit of a dip in quality in the middle but otherwise a really Freaking good mystery game with plenty of twists and turns. Can you figure out the Ghoul's Riddle? play to find out...
toby does it again


my problems with this are pretty much the same as with pmd2 (being that its super backloaded wrt quality) but the quality is so quality it doesnt matter if the first half of this is just pretty ok


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