distant wishlist (unreleased, or releasing far in the future)

i use my wishlist as a lower priority overflow for my normal backlog so this is for stuff that isn't released yet, mostly stuff with no real release window. keeping stuff in my normal wishlist if the release date is relatively soon/exact but i'll add it here too. 99% of the in-dev stuff i'm waiting to play until it's complete, even the stuff that has public builds out, so completion estimates are just that, really rough estimates based on blogposts/update logs
links included to places that make it easier to keep up with developments. anything with a hard release date i probably won't bother with a link
ordering is just a guess of when they might come out, top is likely soonest, bottom is furthest/least likely

"about 3 months" after summer 2023
i think a dev said it was playable start to finish
early 2024
originally slated for late 2022, dev said it'll probably be later than that though
ballparking 2 years
"real soon" no other release window given
maybe close to being done? fell off the demo because there wasnt a promise it would ever be done but it looks like it's only got a couple chapters left
being actively updated
update #s in the 20s as of writing, echo got up to update 53 before being released but no clue if this one willl take shorter/longer. my guess is shorter since echo was kind of echoproject's first big vn and they had to learn renpy as they were making it but thats just a guess from an outsider looking in
"next winter" as of jan 2022. presumably meaning winter 2022 or early 2023
ok its june 2023 im putting it with all the other earthbound games that will never come out
"when it's ready" prob a few years
no clue how far development is maybe like a couple years?
being actively updated, still pretty early on as far as i can tell
version 0.7? my guess for these fvns is usually like 3-4 years so ill just say that
chapter 1 released, rest of the vn will probably be a while
demo is out, will probably be a couple years
development is silent but toby like drops shit randomly once every 3 years
idk probably a few years
this is actually the wrong repeat the one im interested in is a furry visual novel and im too lazy to add it to igdb right now lol. ended a long hiatus not too long ago, so it's being worked on again, but i'm still not expecting it that soon
probably quite a while i would imagine, first build was only just released in november 2021. blind dartthrowing 4 years
theres a demo but the indiegogo didnt reach funding, so probably not anytime soon. devs still say they wanna work on it though
*not oddity
development progressing
released years ago, waiting for an english translation patch
edit: moving pretty far down as this is probably vaporware at this point
development looks mostly abandoned but you never know
winter 2014 :)
development went silent like 2 years ago but theyve done it before and brought it back so 🤷


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