what's the deal with the Finnish and video games? why can't they miss??

shoutout to my buddy Chico for letting me borrow his xbox one so I could play this version of the game, Your a real one.

how did they get away with it TWICE??

if Hakita lets me do flips on the rocket to increase my score with the Tawny Hawk sound effect and everything I bump it up to a 10

Devil Survivor gets called the best written SMT game a lot, I wouldn't say that is the best at exploring the mythology and the recurring themes of the series (stil does a good job in that department) but in terms of characters writing and the way it explores alignments is top notch.
the combat in other hand has a great foundation and translates the dungeon crawling mechanics of mainline to SRPG to great effect but thanks to a small roster of demons and maps it gets repetitive FAST. I don't know if they were trying use demons that didn't appear that much in the rest of the series or what but this is one of the smallest and lamest demon selection of the 2000's SMT games by far. Also I can't stand the music.
even tho I am mostly complaining when this game is good is one of the best, one of my favorites of the series and Naoya's ending is one of the highlights of the entire series.

𝔾𝕠π•₯π•™π•šπ•”. 𝔸π•₯π•žπ• π•€π•‘π•™π•–π•£π•–. π•‚π•šπ•Ÿπ• .

Celeste's "you're so valid" wholesome writing some years from now is gonna be seen in retrospective the same way we see Borderlands attempts at humor

Algarve really is fucked up like that

It's almost a 4 stars for me, but I'm really not a fan of the way answers work in this game, not just it lets you brute force your way to a lot of the puzzles but some times I'm just rearranging names or whatever and the game goes "STOP EVRYTHING THATS THE CORRECT ANSWER", it feals like I got robed of a puzzle when that happens.


Let's get down to business!
And consuuuuume... THE SOY!
(minecraft drinking sound effect)
BRUSH the Stacies off now!
All these women NEVER treat me right!
And they haven't got A CLUE!

Didn't actually play it nor care about the drama tbh. Just want to entertain the thought that this new generation of mainstream pop media writers (novels, movie, series, games etc.) that apparently liked writing enough to choose it has there career, that I assume have been reading since an early age, people that couldn't write a compelling story to save their lives, that constantly produce works inferior in every conceivable way to works of people that didn't even had held a pen prior. Is also coincidentally the generation that grow up with the Harry Potter books.
just food for thought.

I wold do some heinus things to see Atlus give a similar treatment to their old SMT games