Absolutely boring auto chess game. Don't even waste your time trying it.

A bit unbalanced and requires a bit of grinding, but it's fun.

Pretty, pretty but boring. Pretty boring.

A little too simple/boring/easy. But it's nice and playable for a bit.

One of the coolest modern puzzle games. Fun story.


Fun and emotional jrpg. Cute!


Super polished, decent amount of depth and a ton of weapon combat variety. Great visuals, music, dialogues.


An odd city builder tower defense "roguelite." In early access, but the runs are pretty short and the whole game is kind of weird and boring. Placing roads haphazardly, and castle walls so they connect and just slapping on runes to the castles. It's also hard to see what your units/castles are actually doing. Early Access review.

Tony Hawk pro skater x bullet time. Fun.

Super addicting, fun, and cute. Normal mode is not too hard which is nice because you don't have to grind too much. Everyone would enjoy this game.

Kinda addicting but not very fun or interesting.