é como dar o controle da direção de um projeto pra uma criança do jardim de infância. o que tem de burro, tem de criativo. mas acima de tudo, tem de ousado e honesto.

pelo amor de deus, joguem uma run de adaga

mom, can I have Bloodborne (2015)?
- no, we already have a Bloodborne (2015) at home

Bloodborne (2015) at home:

Love has a cruel sense of fun.
It never plays by the rules.
It spins us both on our heads,
Turns us both into fools.

It leaves me on my own
With tear-stained eyes,
Oh, what can I do?

They say that losing at love,
Breaking your heart,
It only makes you look
Even more beautiful.

I don't believe it's true,
But I see you and what can I do?

I wish that we could be close.
Close enough to use
Our real names for once,

And you would say to me,
"Oh, I love you so!"
You'll say you won't let me go.

Rain falls on me,
And now I'm walking away.
Tell me, do you find me
More beautiful now?

I'm not the kind to let
You watch as I cry,
So I've got to leave...
I've got to forget you.

And so I'll hide
Myself away from the world,
Leave behind the sorrow
Of a sad little girl.

I thought that I had finally
Won at the game.
You told me it just was for fun.
I suppose that I was too young.

if you look like ashley pls dm me

i want the guard captain to step on me

this happened to my friend joao vitor

so the groundbreaking first metroidvania of all time is just a bad metroid hackrom with numbers starring a femboy vampire? damn

para de digitar aí cara por favor

Um abraço pro meu mano Emanuel Kida (salve Emanuel Kida)