GOTY. I've never been this invested in a fighting game before. Dolphins are fucking cancelled.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, this game is amazing and everything, the ending ruined me, Arthur Morgan is one of the best protagonists of all time...

But I finally watched "The Assassination of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford," and fuck me if the plagiarism isn't absolutely shameless

literally just giving this five stars because Theme of Solid Snake KICKS ASS

This review contains spoilers

Docking half a point for never actually getting to pilot the skyscraper sized mech

This was a really solid foundation and I wish Relic had gotten the opportunity to expand on it because, dude, most everything about this feels perfect. You really do be fucking up those Orks, huh?

Sometimes, art doesn't need to do more than brutalize you

It fucking rules, whad'dya want me to say? You play an absolute BRICK SHITHOUSE and he's got a chainsaw on his gun!

This is the video game equivalent of getting extremely baked, blasting some sludge metal, and letting yourself drown in the sound



I mean if you wanted the 2016 game, except overcooked, annoying, and way too long, then you'll probably like this. You'll be into this if you ever looked at a DOOM game and thought it was missing trash mobs.

What a fucking CRUSHING disappointment.

Campaign is surprisingly solid, all the ships are pretty fun, just wish the multiplayer had more to it

After 6 hours, I think I have to admit that I'm never gonna beat this, but the sheer V I B E S went a long way towards getting me to keep trying.

Y'know, the Butthole Surfers are one of my favorite bands, and I've been listening to them a lot recently. It was nice to play a game that so perfectly melded with their brand of aggressive psychedelia

Once you get into the add-on content, results are a little more mixed, but the base game is still basically the coolest thing I've ever played

A fucking phantasmagorical experience that I would recommend to almost nobody. I love it.

I wish I could stay in this world more

Probably the best video game Western ever, because it interrogates the myth of the "American West" in a really clever way. A way that only games can.

Decided to shelve because Okumura broke me. It's a pretty great game overall, though.