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the zora swimming makes me cry and piss myself

naughty bear needs more recognition

Solid hack. Very pretty. Very short.

as a child i sobbed for hours when the worm i named after my mother was devoured by a fucking hedgehog

Immernoch Viva Pinata, aber in abgespeckter Form.
Handheldspiele waren schon immer ein Rückschritt.

This is probably Rockstar's best game.

More like CLUNKY KONG 64 (still fun tho)

its a good game but exTREMELY overrated

perfect game to 100% if you hate your life

oh, this game "isn't good" and "hasn't aged well"? sure yeah ok pal name another game where i can fly around as a gay little bat shitting on guys in dracula's castle and shoot nazis

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