If you were to describe what The Artful Escape was to it's basic units, you'd say it's a Simon Says broken up by basic forgiving platforming and dialogue choices that have no impact to the gameplay.

But... this is a game where style trumps substance. The story is about finding ones true self and moving out from under the shadow of a relative and what your expected to be. And it looks and sounds cool while doing it.

Could you get the same experience watching a Let's Play of this game... maybe? But you get to personalise your character at a points in the game and it's certainly fun to do that and be telling your story rather than someone elses. Plus it's very cool to do a running double jump off a ciff and boost with a chord and land on a slope while shredding. In the end your just holding the X button while you run a lot, but it's just very cool.

It doesn't overstay it's welcome and the Simon Says portions don't require you to remember (as you can do them at the same time as they're presented if you wish). And it's on Game Pass, so....

Reviewed on Jan 22, 2022