Best Destiny 2 campaign we've gotten, hands down. The writing team absolutely cooked on this expansion. Making the characters argue and really FEEL like they actually are afraid was so good. I haven't done the raid, but just the campaign + the new 12-person Excision activity felt like a great wrap up to the Darkness saga.

All the new mechanics stuff feels really good so far. No comment on the seasonal ("episode") stuff so far since I haven't played it yet.

Perhaps my favorite indie game since Dicey Dungeons. Basically a perfect roguelike deckbuilding game. It's Calvinball meets Poker. This game is a time travel device to midnight.

Some of the most dreadful action RPG combat. The balancing is absurdly off here. On the normal difficulty early game is hilariously easy. Once you get to [SPOILERS], even on easy mode the game destroys you.

The big problem here is the BREAK mechanic, which punishes you by immobilizing you and making enemies capable of killing you from full HP in less than a second.

This just keeps getting worse over time, and easy mode does nothing to fix it.

I'm really annoyed because like 25 hours in the game finally "played its hand" and had all the weird sci-fi shit show up, and I was ready this whole time to eat it up.

But then the game just opens up by having you do 5 super hard dungeons back to back to get a McGuffin so you can continue the story. And I'm just fucking done with it.

Good music, gorgeous new art, mediocre writing, poor voice acting, and some of the worst balanced action JRPG combat I've done in a while. The "PA" system of getting little side stories with party members is super cute and great.

The leveling system is absurdly obtuse and not fun to engage with.

One more note: the game is visually inscrutable in combat. Horrible fixed camera angle and so many special FX you can't see anything.

Wow, this game really hasn't aged well.

Kinda fun at first, but you get sick of it by the end.

I loved it when the original game came out, but that was 20 years ago.

Eh. The story is OK, but takes some time to get interesting. The side quests mostly bored or annoyed me. The "girlfriend" system is cheesy, and the 3 girls I "girlfriended" were all the result of me saving them from sexual assault or similar situations, which felt really uncomfortable.

The combat is Not It. It's been a minute since I played Yakuza 0, which I remember liking the combat in, but this feels slow and clunky and there's way too much of it. Can't help but feel this game is padded out.

Maybe I'm just losing my excitement for the RGG Studio games. Yakuza: Like a Dragon didn't hit super well for me either. I know Infinite Wealth is super hot right now, but I just need a break from this shit, maybe forever.

Cool "walking around Japan" simulator, though, as always with these games.

It's really good. Fun silly co-op PvE game with friends.

I don't feel compelled to keep playing it all the time, but I always have fun when I do.

Tough little game. Extremely small sprites, short attack range, damage flicker, screen shake, and fast attack speed of the main character make this game feel inscrutable.

Enemies deal a lot of damage. I recommend playing on easy mode.

Level design feels kinda troll-y. Expect lots of one hit kills via spikes and pits, plus mimics and false floors.

I think I could like this if I was in the right mood, but I'm definitely not.

I preferred Momodora 2 over this game, but Reverie Under the Moonlight is the clear winner of the series.

If you're looking for more after that, play Moonlit Farewell. It's also very good.

In many ways this game completely blows its predecessor (Reverie Under the Moonlight, aka RUTM) out of the water.

The pixel art is gorgeous. The animation is fluid. The lighting and 3D effects are subtle and go so well with the visuals. The music is fantastic.

I loved exploring the map and collecting stuff. I got 110% completion. I might go back to finish off the 111% completion, but it just involves some less interesting content I don't feel like playing.

The difficulty is overall pretty low, especially if you actually equip all the good sigils you find. Unfortunately the new companion system feels very weak. They don't do enough to really warrant being more than a pretty little sprite following you around.

I'm not sure the game really benefited from having a stamina meter, and the later game transformation you receive wasn't around long enough for me to get much use out of it.

Most of the game was pretty easy, but the last two areas had enemies that could blitz down your health in a jiffy if you messed up. Not too hard, just weirdly had more deaths exploring than I did fighting bosses in this game.

All of the multi-phase boss fights are really fun and cool. Only one boss fight was a bummer for me (the blob).

Sometimes the cool graphical effects and pretty sprite overlays were hard to see and I took damage because I couldn't tell what was happening.

The story and characters felt a bit more involved and interesting than the previous title.

The game also very much feels like the farewell in its name. You can tell Bombservice really wanted to make the biggest and best Momodora game. Even if I'm not sure that actually makes me like it more than RUTM, it's a very impressive game.

Also, if you avoided Minoria, I think you should go back and give it a shot. I liked it more than most, but I think it certainly didn't deserve the hate that it got.

[I played Titanfall 1's multiplayer but never Titanfall 2]

The campaign is quite good. The story isn't anything amazing from like an overall perspective, but the relationship of the Pilot with BT is fantastic.

I also love how they made all the pilot interactions with BT optional, in case you find them "too much" and wanted to cut off the conversation (though I enjoyed most of them and wanted to explore all the options).

The Titan battles themselves feel a bit frustrating, especially because it seems like the different Titan loadouts are not balanced very well for single player.

The prefab housing level was incredible, and the time travel level was also pretty interesting. Wall running feels just as good as in Titanfall 1, but you don't have to worry about getting blasted in multiplayer while you figure it out.

Pretty cool game.

Great romhack for one of my favorite games of all time.

I wish I liked this game more.

The Game Boy Color is my favorite gaming device and the 2D Zelda games are massively important to me.

Sadly, the game is a lot less like Zelda than I expected. The game gives you all 3 items very quickly (like in Breath of the Wild) and then everything after that is just about making the puzzles more annoying and littered with distractions and enemies and traps, rather than building on top of things or challenging you to solve new types of puzzles.

The combat is nothing special, but that's par for the course with a topdown Zelda-like.

Weirdly this game has a marriage mechanic. I married the bunny girl, but it all felt very sudden. It's not a visual novel, so there's not a lot of time to develop characters. That being said, it does way better at that than you'd expect given that it looks like a GBC Zelda game.

Difficulty was really weird. It's mostly not that hard, but the game never lets you heal inside of dungeons. Not potions or heart pickups or anything. You can buy an item that resurrects you once, for 100g. Money is plentiful since nothing else drops in this game, but it's tedious having to go back and buy that constantly, or use the teleporter to go home and get your HP back before a boss.

I managed to get the credits to roll, but the post-credits game is very uh, "self directed". The game appears to be full to the brim with secrets and bonus dungeons and stuff, but it's all a bit obtuse for me and I was losing steam on the puzzle/dungoen design, so I decided to skip most of the post credits stuff.

What a strange game. The story has some obvious twists and some wilder ones. I didn't even expect much of any story.

Sadly, the writing clearly needs some editing. There's a lot of reptitive / throwaway dialogue. Also, the English localization is pretty stiff / unnatural sounding, and there's quite a few grammar mistakes.

I did tear up a bit at the ending though, so there's some merit to the story.

I wish the gameplay was a bit more engaging though. Grapple swinging is really fun, but the game feels really drawn out. Too many levels and they all go on a little too long. Boss fights are quite un-fun to me.

Personally I'd say put the game on easy so you don't have to respawn when taking too much damage. There's enough "reset to checkpoint" instant things anyway that this just makes the game a bit smoother. I turned it on for the final boss and left it on for the bit of game after that just to speed things up.

The game has some weird pacing with lots and lots of dialogue and flashbacks, as well as the padded feeling levels. I legitimately thought I was almost done with this game probably 2 or 3 times. I spent close to 15 hours when I thought this was gonna be more of a 6 hour game. And frankly I think the game would be better that way.

[EDIT] oh i forgot to mention, there's some parts that are very visually difficult to look at. many instances of flashing lights and screen fading to white. definitely eye-watering at times.

Lightfall itself was highly disappointing. Neomuna was not fun as a patrol zone, drop rates for weapons were awful. The story. God, the story. Congrats for adding the first(?) nonbinary character to Destiny, but the writing for them was truly atrocious. Caiatl should've been way more important in the story than she was, too. Sadly, this whole campaign is a filler arc from an anime. One big training montage while old man Osiris yells at us.

The complete revamp of buildcrafting is godsend.

The seasonal content hasn't excited me as much this year, but it's still solid enough.

The soundtrack is great but I do prefer the music from The Witch Queen.

Dungeons this year have been pretty good. Ghosts of the Deep is unfortunately a bit of a slog to me, but I still think it's gorgeous and interesting. Warlord's Ruin is genuinely extremely cool and gives me some great Grasp of Avarice vibes. My only complaint is that the final boss mechanics for standing in circles while transferring hex is quite finicky in practice, especially when the AI is so unpredictable, and it really pushes your team super hard on add clear to stay alive. Otherwise two incredible boss fights and just a super original design.

I don't raid much any more, but frankly I didn't like Root of Nightmares. I know it's derided as being too easy, especially compared to Vow, but I just wasn't feeling this one mechanically. The jumping puzzle with the death mechanic especially was an absolute fucking slog. The visuals are great, though, and I love the concept, but it just wasn't as fun as RoN to me.

PvP is still pretty fun. Still too many abilities in PvP I think.

Loot is getting really out of hand and I feel like we're due for another round of sunsetting. Idk we've just got ridiculous power creep in the game but whatever.

Also fuck the layoffs.

I still love playing Destiny, but this year my interest dwindled a lot.

Gorgeous art and beautiful music

It's a Metroidvania

The difficulty level of boss fights is frustrating even less than 3 hours into the game. The gameplay system where you have more "energy" than health, which powers your shields and also your gun (your strongest weapon), makes this game lean extremely hard into the high risk high reward playstyle. You literally have 2 HP besides your shields.

When your energy depletes, you have to do a weird QTE minigame to get half of it back, or fail that QTE and waste like 2 whole seconds standing still and probably getting destroyed by the boss. And when they interrupt you have to start completely over on getting your shield back.

The hydra boss has a "horizontal or vertical" attack you have to dodge in its 3rd phase and the timing is like maybe 0.5 seconds at best, leading to a lot of "unfair" hits due to it being hard to react quickly enough to dodge the appropriate direction.

I stumbled into another boss shortly after that, quite a ways away from a save point, and he jumps around the screen at lightning speed while also having twilring swords chase you around. Game just honestly needs to chill a bit more on the boss design especially around speed.

IDK this game is almost really cool but it's tuned way too hard for me and the shield/HP playstyle thing is too frustrating for me.

It's fine.

Some of the puzzles are fun. Others are really frustrating. Gamepad controls aren't very good. Still don't like the combat in these games. Boss fights didn't feel great.