i have decapitated and amputated numerous skylanders by accident

you have to have 2 other friends to play (and enjoy it) or else you get to look at 2 soulless vessels link possesses which makes combat harder and less fun. i want to throw my friends off the edge, let me throw my friends off the edge.

listen i don't care what you say seeing a horde of 3 toads running after you in the mud is more terrifying than any horror game

mario and luigi are so cute and skrunkly and silly and they say "gotcha!" when they get a powerup they already have or "just what i needed!" when they get a new powerup or "bravo mario!" when they get a lot of 1-Ups and AAUGHGHGHGH

hey, quick question, whoever made this. love the game, i have no idea what its plot is to this day but the racing is fun and the world you travel across is also fun--what the hell did crash do to deserve dying 34 times?? what war crimes did this creature commit in a past life for there to be a collection of his deaths called a "DIE-O-RAMA"???

to me, the single-player story was kinda dry for a game about ink, but the conversations in-between characters was really funny and the multiplayer was what i mainly played anyway. the levels were admittedly pretty creative and i liked finding all the secrets, i just wish the story wasn't just "yo, this fish was stolen, go get it back".

i haven't beaten the game but i do want to, i just have like 7 other games on my plate right now and am in fact choking on all of them instead of managing my time properly and playing one at a time

pokemon's honestly been going downhill since X and Y, it feels more like an obligated series per nintendo console rather than something gamefreak actually wants to make. the story was decent and the pokemon were alright, but i think this is where my interest in pokemon started dying down


is this technically vore? either way good game, love how you get to switch in between mario/luigi and bowser

eh. it was definitely fun at first, but that's kinda the only reason i didn't rate it lower, actually. the online multiplayer has an awful loading time for each person joining or leaving your island, the villagers have little to no personality, it doesn't feel like there's much incentive to keep playing and i end up just neglecting my island after a while before dropping the game altogether. not a slight at animal crossing fans, i just don't think this was worth $60.

i have a bad habit of not beating video games. even though i haven't beaten ocarina of time, i've gotten far enough into it to tell that it's good, and if you need me to tell you that it's good then you're a bit of a silly little guy, a goober if you will

bro this game is immaculate, what else is there to say. chef's kiss 5 stars yahoo

it's a solid party game. i'm bad at lying though and it makes me feel bad; not a complaint with the game, it's a complaint with myself that makes it harder for me personally to enjoy