>Co-op and forge delayed
>Campaign is a shitshow of a fake open world surrounding generic copy paste hallway fights for 6 hours
>Not-Cortana is a ME Andromeda goblin
>Custom games is beyond fucking broken
>Three fucking playlists for multiplayer
>Actual in game player performance has zero impact on season progression, only doing generic daily objectives to push you to fucking pay for boosts
>Player count went from over 250k to under 100k in under a month
Wow what a shock, can't believe 343 continues to shit the bed for an entire decade


It's funny how the majority who hates this game has nu soy shit like Undertale or Doom Eternal in their favorites.

Alright, fine. Sorry if I sounded cagey, it's just that... I don't always get the best reactions when I introduce myself. My name's... Karen.
-All those Karen memes have really ruined that name, huh?

Cringed and dropped

A term often used in the criticism of music, films, television, games, etc, meaning lacking sensitivity or the capacity for deep feeling. It's often used in a context wherein the user does not like the item in question but otherwise lacks any more specific or valid criticism to level against it. It's also sometimes used to dismiss entire genres that the user is unfamiliar with or bigoted against.
"Electronic music is so soulless."

"Here we go again, another soulless rehash of ______."

i hope crystal dynamics will make a good game someday

probably the worst writing I've seen in vidya