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Smegma man lame, bass super fluid and cool

i think id rather stick my dick through a cheerio than play as megaman in this game
replaying this game as megaman i still enjoyed my time with this game, its just a lot of the cracks in the level design rear their ugly head more. i dont think i would really recommend this game to anyone besides me, i just think playing as bass is super fun. i really think this should've just been a bass game, i think if they made a game purely tailored around his toolset wouldve made a way more fun game. also, I still like the fact that this is one of the few classic megaman games where all of the special weapons are useful to some degree.

best re game best version the best always forever

This game is like one giant episode of Game Center CX with a ton of quirky gags and humor plastered everywhere, hidden gem for WiiWare.

so glad they made this one actually good, unlike the last shinobi games.
even though it's hidden behind a code, the game is so much better with 6 buttons, as you don't have to rely on shurikens the whole game. the expanded moveset and improved controls just make this one an absolute joy to playthrough, unfortunately there are still some annoying off-screen enemy placements and the double jump still sucks, but it's a step up from whatever shadow dancer was.
a very solid title for the action genre, definitely worth checking out

Frank Zappa once said writing about music is like dancing about architecture, and I think that quote generally applies both to Nights and pretty much anything Yuji Naka or Sonic Team have worked on. They defy rigid categorization or traditional rubrics of game quality, they're a vibe you either catch or you don't.
"In my dreams, I can hear you calling me"

I'm proud to announce that I am indeed mentally ill enough to love this game with utmost sincerity

Very weird of Nintendo to hide and abandon this perfectly good remake of the origin of one of their most important series, but luckily for us pirates have been preserving and restoring this once lost gem of the Satellaview.

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